***EauMG has moved! Check out my new look at www.eaumg.net.***

This is a blog about all things fragrance, cosmetics, French bulldogs, pugs, smushed face kitties, otter babies, puppy bellies, Old Hollywood, queer films, tasty food, cutting coupons, moving to the Pacific Northwest, linguistics, chinchillas, red lipstick, fashions, Angel and Buffy, film noir, books, mushroom hunting, international markets, speaking French, Vincent Price, pasteling Vincent Price, velvet paintings, life in the Dirty South, music, records, bats, owls, graphic novels, Bitch magazine, lowrider bikes, closet goths, old things, etc. But, mainly just fragrance and beauty stuff.

Things this blog will most likely not be about: scrapbooking, sports, designer cupcakes, Sex In The City, normal faced dogs and kitties, religion, lowrider trucks with awesome neon lights (mostly), MySpace, work, anorexia, personal problems and psych meds, sexual identity, homothugs (mostly), dancing, etc.

OK, in all seriousness this is a fragrance and beauty blog ran by a fragrance addict. I am a nice, Southern girl that was excommunicated along with my husband and all of our records to live an adventurous life in the Pacific Northwest to forage mushrooms with our little brindle smushed-faced frug (half Frenchie/half pug), Frink. I now spend boring, rainy days working my lovely job as a speech therapist . I spend the rest of my time searching for antiques, glamor, and my sanity. (Was a makeup artist in my past life a.k.a. a few short years ago). I am a closet goth being that I can’t live the alternative counter-culture lifestyle because I do have a career that I enjoy but you will find lots of black in the closet. This means that I don’t wear black lipstick daily but I do drive to work listening to Industrial with the soles of Victorian-ish boots touching the gas pedal. Makeup, hair, and fragrance are what transform me. No silly crushed velvet and corsets here… I’m pretty much attracted to everything macabre, antiquarian, and vintage.

The purpose of my blog is to inform others of the many beauty and fragrance items out there. I usually give reviews with a slightly angsty and Pacific Northwestern perspective from a gal that spends time wearing merlot lisptick into the rain forest and Frye boots into Barney’s. I try to write for a crowd that likes Exotica records, sci-fi B-films, red lipstick, and big, red hair and for those that like Oscar Wilde, film noir, purple lipstick, and black, helmut-like flapper hair. I really just hope that all the old souls out there with a thirst for frivolous fragrances and bitch’n beauty products out there, enjoy me musings.

P.S. I also have a home, remodeling blog that I share with the hubby that looks into our refurbing a 1936 home here in the Pacific Northwest http://tudorks.wordpress.com.

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