May 2008

How refreshing, a pale, radiant look for summer by the people that made the terracotta tan a must have. I’ve been meaning to comment on this, but I’ve been really busy packing up like a 100 bottles of perfume. Let me make this clear I am a true sucker for Guerlain’s little pearls of perfection. I use my Météorites daily, all over, as highlighters, eyeshadow, blush, whatever. So…I was excited about this new collection. I was shocked to see the company stray from their bronzed metals to silky pearls. Guerlain Pearls It’s fresh, it’s aquatic. It’s stay out of the sun, it causes age spots, cancer and wrinkles and you’ll just burn and look freckley anyways. Hence, I love it. Guerlain is the only company that can persuade me into wanting a tan (as the picture that follows) Guerlain Terracotta, so I’m happy that they have made pearly pale cool for summer so that I won’t try to tan, even though, the Indian Bronze Pearly Sun Powder ’08 is to die for… Anyways, I love the primer; it’s “divine alchemy”, no joke. The Météorites Pressed Powders are beautiful and so smooth. The glosses are nice, but I don’t think that I would buy them because they’re pretty normal. This summer look is a keeper for me: it’s simple, fresh, radiant, glamorous and beachy without the sunburn. Gotta get my hands on this primer…Guerlain Summer Primer

So, my husband and I are moving to Washington next week. It’s going to take 36 hours of hard driving to get there. I don’t know where I am going to live and I don’t have a job yet. It still hasn’t really hit me yet, I just know that I am putting my stuff into boxes and researching the heck out of areas to live in the Seattle area. I’ve got to get into a pioneer mindset and just go for it. I hope I’ll like the place. If anyone has any suggestions of places to move to please let me know. I’m ghetto and from the South so I’m pretty sure I can take anything.  And I’ve got to move like a hundred bottles of perfume and I have no idea how to do this without a major blowout. Please comment on this.

I know I can make this trip if a bunch of people did it in a covered wagon before me.

french bulldog

These Frenchies are courtesy of Tahoma French bulldogs, the most beautiful babies on the world wide web. Hopefully, they will be my doggie neighbors.


Can’t say I haven’t seen this “trend” coming for sometime. I’ve always been in love with the lovely alien princesses on the 60’s Star Trek episodes. You know the ones coated in silver paint and they’re supposed to be aliens, but instead they’re mega hot human burlesque babes from the era. Anyways, I was totally siked about MAC’s new color collection (yes, I still get excited despite the fact that MAC has a new color collection out like every hour.) Anyways, the color collection is Neo Sci-Fi made to recreate this swanky, costumey, sex-pot, nerdy male fantasy image. Mod has been in for sometime when it comes to makeup so I guess they needed a new angle. I love the ad campaign. I can’t say that I didn’t fall for the packaging, a neon orange. But, the colors are only ho-hum in comparison to the actual sci-fi babes. Actual sci-fi babes wore pastel shadows and lots of black liquid liner and false lashes. However, MAC took the Uhura approach of dewy, bronzed skin, dark eyes and pale lips. Yes, that is pretty, won’t argue, but this is the color collection that they offer us every month. This being said, I’m still a sucker. The Solar Bits look like fun, even though they seem over priced. I know I want the lipstick in Electro, bright orange lustre, I want the blush in Spaced Out, a peach, and all of the primary colored nail lacquers. (Even though I have all of these items with another name). Everything else is boring or even worse they’re boring relaunches in neon packaging.

star trek babe

In conclusion, I’m not buying any of it unless it is personally endorsed by Ms. Nichelle Nichols herself. uhura


Well, I’m doing the craziest thing ever, well since my wedding. We’ve decided to leave Tennessee and move to Seattle. We’ve been planning this, but we thought that we would wait until we both got jobs, etc. But, we’ve decided that we are wusses and we’re going to grow a couple of pairs and do what we want to really do.

I never do anything unplanned and frankly, I am scared of everything. So this is a big deal. Everything is almost packed up. I have two more weeks left at my current job placement and then we are out of here. I don’t know what I’ll miss in Nashville. My family is here so I’ll miss them. I’ll miss Mexican restaurants, humid summers and dirty South rap. I won’t miss the racism or ignorance that I experience daily. I won’t miss the horrible food culture and how I can’t get anything niche.

I’m ready for a change of scenery and something totally new. So, I’m driving across this country in a lil’ Scion for like 36 hours or something. It’ll be the road trip of a lifetime.  I’ll listen to grunge and wear a red flannel shirt and use Manic Panic Hair Dye in Plum Passion and eat chanterelles and drink espresso and be totally spoiled rotten. I’ll shoot up heroin in a van down by the ferries while seagulls attack my head. Sike, I won’t do that. Actually, I won’t do anything like that except get a little house by the water and a French bulldog named Stuckey, a cream colored beauty. I might wear flannel and I know I’ll eat wild mushrooms and continue to drink coffee.

I’m excited but I am scared shitless.

Ok, I should get this out of the way. I love Demeter PMU Sprays. I’ve been purchasing from this company for over 12 years now. They’re fun. They’re cheap. they’re weird. I know that lasting power does not exist in Demeter’s dictionary. I know that you can get some real duds too. But, I don’t care. I keep buying and hoping for the best. I don’t want to smell like a paperback book all day anyways. So, I’m going to start reviewing some of these delicious (and not so delicious) accords.

Peach: I bought this one on a whim. I don’t even like to eat peaches. I have a thing about not eating food that is fuzzy. Anyways, at first the fragrance is fresh, soft and fruity. It smells like peach schnapps due to the alcohol content. It smells a wee bit artificial or saccharin. It doesn’t have that “fuzzy” smell, so you won’t smell a texture with this one. It doesn’t smell “succulent”, actually it smells weak. After drying down for a few seconds, it smells exactly like Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleansing Water for dry skin (it contains peach essential water.) It dries down to something almost unnoticeable. It’s a pretty odor but very, very faint and almost infantile. This cologne is not repulsive but I will not buy it again due to its lack of authenticity. Of course, this is coming from a Southern gal that does not like peaches. So should you trust me?

demeter peach

Stringbean: For me this fragrance was a bit of a disappointment because it was a bit too “pretty” and jazzed up. It is too much of an interpretation of a naturally pretty item. At first it smells floral and very green, almost “hissy”, almost smells like Pine-Sol laced with tuberose. It eventually dries down to a fresh citrus. Like Peach, it lacks texture and does not smell “fuzzy”. The website describes this as being the fragrance of what stringbeans leave on fingertips, so maybe that was why I was disappointed. I wanted the smell of stringbeans humidifying in hot summer air in a wicker basket hiding away in the shade: hot, dirty and green.

demeter stringbean

Leather: At first I disliked Leather, but it has grown on me. I wanted dirty, rugged leather and now I finally see this in this product. On first spritz, splash, whatever form you choose, it smells… new and… black. It doesn’t smell like a worn in brown leather bomber jacket, old boots, or a book. It smells crisp, masculine. For some reason it smells jock-ish to me. Probably because this note is so often found in popular men’s fragrance (Kenneth Cole Black, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren Polo, etc.) It smells like leather car seats, but not in that “new car” kind of way. As it begins to dry down it becomes softer and warmer unlike the crisper and cooler initial spritz. It begins to resemble loose, perfectly worn leather gloves or a baseball mitt. It is a very unisex accord and has the ability to conjure many memories. If I mix mine with Dirt PMU then it reminds me of my dad’s work boots and putting those big things on as a child. Leather smells like my first biker jacket from my rebellious youth (ok, goth days) but turns into my favorite Via Spiga purse that I have lugged around for years.

demeter leather

Oh, the weather is getting warmer which means that I’m preparing for summer. Or at least my summer makeup trends. Every year I get so amped about oranges, corals, tangerines. My first lovely product is #1 Nars Taj Mahal Powder Blush. It is a beautiful, vivid burnt orange with tons of gold shimmer. It melts into my pale complexion . For years I was terrified of this color because I thought it would look strange on my skin. I thought it was for girls waaay darker than me. Finally, I put it on at Sephora and couldn’t believe how bright and alive looking I could be. I love it, just like all my other Nars colors it is very pigmented. I apply it with a skunk brush and buff it into my cheeks. I keep everything else really simple. I’ll wear a nude beige shadow, mascara and lip balm. Sometimes I wear bronzer with this brush. This is the only blush that I wear that makes my blue eyes stand out.

The next orange product is #2 MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange which is a “loudmouth orange” as the MAC website describes it. It is a satiny, bright orange. I like to keep the look simple when I wear this too. I’ll wear a dab of Nars Orgasm Powder Blush, tons of black/brown mascara, groom the brows, and Lancome Le Crayon in Flame (another great orange product) with this lipstick. It really adds a punch to any look.

Product #3 is great if you want a sheerer orange lip is Lancome Juicy Rouge in Nala which is a sheer, buildable orange sparkle. This product has been discontinued for some stupid reason. You can still find it online and it is well worth the search. It has a great feel and no stickiness.

Product #4 puts marmalade on the eyes: NYX Eyeshadow Single in Orange. This color makes all eye colors pop in my opinion. It makes my blue eyes look stunning. This color can be dulled down with bronzes and golds (but why dull down such a beautiful shade?) I like to wear mine with NYX Ultimate Pearl Shimmer Eyeshadow in Sahara Pearl, blend. Use Lancome Artliner in Noir, lots of black mascara, Nars Taj Mahal Powder Blush, Nars Laguna Bronzer and a sparkling nude gloss such as DiorKiss Lip Gloss in Sorbet Meringue.

Product #5 is Max Factor MaxEye Eyeshadow Trio in Queen Bee which includes an orange, lime green, and pollen yellow all with a very subtle shimmer. These colors look great together, so be creative. queen bee

I could keep going on but I feel these are currently my favorite citrus inspired cosmetics.

I am sure everyone reading this is aware of the skyrocketing gas prices taking over the tanks. Well, since I live in a place with zero mass transit, unless you want to be stabbed or go to work smelling like B.O. and a meth lab, there are very little alternatives for me. (Give the city credit, they are working on it.) My job requires that I commute alot. I mean ungodly distances. I have a car that has great gas mileage but I still need something better to get me around town. So, I’ve been thinking about possible alternatives. Walking will work for most places: the grocery store, the discount tobacco and beer mart, the white trash tanning salon, the nail salon and the midlife crisis biker bar. I would like something that could take me to further distances such as the pawn shop, dance studio or the world’s worst library. I”ve reached this conclusion:

lowrider bike I need this totally awesome deluxe continental lowrider bike in either red or purple with all of the totally awesome accessories. I’ve been thinking of my bike gang’s name all day. My husband says that I can’t get anywhere on this, it’ll take too long, I’ll fall over, blah, blah. But, he’s jealous of how cool I’ll be with this. There’s no need to rush when your just riding down the street for some buffalo wings and a pack of menthols. You buy a bike like this to slow down and take your time. Enjoy the 289.00 that you payed for it (plus all the other dollars to make it uniquely yours.) I’d hook up a mega sound system and play Big Booty Bass. I’d somehow incorporate ninja stars onto it. I’d get airbrushed t-shirts from the flea market at the farmer’s market with my crew’s name on them. I’d save so much money cruising around on this. I’d save money and be the envy of every 12 year old boy in the wood. I’d save so much money that I wouldn’t have to clip coupons anymore. Of course, I’d have to store the bike in my house so nobody will steal it. It’ll look great under a velvet painting. If only I could decide on a name for the bike. Oh and I’d need a basket in the front of it to put a puppy in one day.

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