First things first, I really like Ahava products. They somehow make my skin feel really “buffed” and creepily smooth. I started washing my face with Ahava Moisturizing Soap for Normal to Dry Skin a few weeks ago. I’ve used it in the shower on my body in the past. It was nice. However, when used on my face, it makes my skin feel incredibly smooth. My skin feels “slick” and sanded. The soap is glycerin based but I think it has corn starch or something in it to make your skin feel really smooth for the time being. Maybe a residue or something? My skin is shineless too. The soap is lightly scented witha  fresh “Ahava” scent. I really feel the bar will last a while. It retails for $7.50 which isn’t so bad.

Of course I would go for a cleanser that has “essence” in the title. I like for all the products I use to have a pleasing aroma and I want something that I can look forward to using.

Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser is a rich, glycerin based cleanser with a “vaseline” like texture. It smells of orange oil which kind of reminds me of furniture polish but in a good clean way, not a gross chemical way. The cleanser is enriched with olive oil, aloe vera, rosemary and orange oil. It is deep cleansing without leaving the skin dehydrated feeling. Actually afterward my skin feels “nourished”. I have normal/combination skin (towards the drier side) and this stuff does a great job. It cleans without making my drier patches feel drier. I had no allergic reactions to this product and no unusual breakouts. My husband likes this product too and he has thick man skin. It retails for $8 and you can get it at Target, most drugstores,, or

Like everything under the sun, I’m sure this product isn’t for everyone. Skincare is a risky business where one product works wonders on someone and makes another wonder why they bought it. It is very fragrant cleanser and has a texture unlike most deep cleansing or foaming face washes that most people use. Some people may dislike this. I would say it isn’t for very oily skins but I know people with very oily skins that use this and love it. It doesn’t dry their skin out and helps nourish and protect their skin from all their harsh prescription acne meds. I’ve used this when it was the dead of winter and my skin was flaky and raw. It really smoothed my skin. Plus, I enjoy the aroma and texture. It used to be in an aluminum toothpaste like tube which was annoying and wasted alot of product. Now it is in a plastic toothpaste tube that doesn’t leak as much. And I’m not sensitive to fragrance. Thank God.