L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is a fairly simple product that does what it is intended to do: moisturize hands. The formula is very smooth and rubs in easily. It is a white balm that is smooth as butter.¬† It is smooth and spreads very easily, meaning that you don’t need too much to have soft hands. It is moisturizing and you can tell that it is on your hands. I wouldn’t call it greasy but you can tell that it is there. It isn’t sticky or slippery. The formula doesn’t get all over my steering wheel or on my paperback books. However, I do have super dry hands that go through hell in a work day. As a speech therapist, I wear latex gloves frequently and I use alcohol based hand sanitizers and I use harsh “institution” grade hand soaps so many times throughout the day. My hands are often tight feeling and ashy. I have been having a real problem with “ashiness” during the cold weather.

There is a scent but it is faint. I only smell it while I am rubbing in the cream. I would say that this scent lingers around for about 2-5 minutes on me. I get a super soft aroma of a tropical bouquet of ylang-ylang and jasmine. But, like I said, it doesn’t stay around. I do like this. I am a fragrance nut and I don’t really want my hand cream interfering with my choice of fragrance for the day. And I do love anything jasmine even it is there but only for a short amount of time. This provides a quick fragrance pick-me-up.

The packaging is cute but not very practical. I do wish that it had a flip cap so I could open and close it with one hand. It is no fun dropping that cap and having it roll under the bed.

The formula contains 20% shea butter, vitamin E, sweet almond oil extract and other nourishing ingredients.

It is a nice product but it is expensive at $26 for just over 5 ounces. I know I will buy it again but I won’t be purchasing a tube for my purse, my desk, my car, one for each bathroom, etc. I can’t afford that. Smaller sizes are available and throughout the year gift sets are offered. It is available at DERMAdoctor.

This eye balm really doesn’t do much but I like it. OK, some background information. I have pretty normal skin that goes a little dry in the winter. I am young, mid-20’s, so it isn’t like I am combating deep lines. I really just like the idea of preventive care. I get really dry, even around the eyes in the winter. This is just a basic, rich but quick absorbing odorless eye cream. I love to use this at night. It is so smooth so it doesn’t tug the eye area. It combats lines, just those caused by harsh and dry climates. A little bit goes a long way. It hasn’t irritated my eyes or migrated into other areas since it absorbs so quickly. It is cheap too at $30. As you know, eye creams aren’t so cheap. Of course, this really doesn’t do much either… Anyways, I really recommend this for those living in extreme climates and those with dry skin. If you have serious “eye issues”, don’t use this. Go for something with an acid or something. But, if you do have serious “eye issues” this would work wonderfully mixed with concealer for the undereye area. It would keep things from settling in the creases and from tugging away at the delicate eye area. It’s a gentle cream, I like it but I know that our relationship will only last a few years before I have to move on to bigger and better creams for the eye area ūüė¶ It is available at DERMAdoctor.

This limited edition lip gloss/ lip balm has a lovely super pale satin peachy pink. It makes for an amazing pale lip look on my skintone. Especially if the smoky eye is super bronzed or a smoky violety taupe. It looks very Victoria’s Secret Angels that way. I like the shade because it looks nice with both baby pink and peach blushes and it is stunning with a pinky-peach blush like NARS Orgasm. The only downside is that since it is pale and a bit satin (sans mega shimmer) it can look uneven or attach to dry patches like mad. That is a bit inconvenient being that this is a lip gloss balm that is made to make lips look healthy. Your lips have to be healthy and in tip top shape for this to look good. The formula is rich and contains shea butter. It moisturizes but doesn’t repair winter parched lips. Plus, I was craving a super rosy fragrance like those refreshing Middle Eastern drinks. The fragrance is rosy but very faint. It is rosy in a Dior Lychee Rose way. So it is a bit cat pissy and fruity. I try not to think about that too much and just try to think of roses. Luckily, the fragrance isn’t too strong so this can be ignored if you quit obsessing over it. This product is lucky to be such a pretty shade that works for me. I’m not shaken that this is limited edition. Once again it is another product that I could live without.

I will never go back to cream in the can. First off, I love Tree Hut products. They are very high quality for a great deal. I could repackage this stuff and sell it for like $25 at some salon. This stuff leaves my legs sooo smooth and is a joy to use. The fragrance is the same as the Brazilian Nut Shea Body Cream. It has a warm, nutty, almost vanilla fragrance that is the best. It is enriched with Brazil Nut Oil and Shea Butter for extra creamy softness. It comes in an 8 ounce tube which lasts a pretty good while and a few other scents.

I have very sensitive skin that always breaks out after a shave. I don’t get the rashy look when I use this stuff and my legs feel so soft and like they have been moisturized even though I just shaved and haven’t applied moisturizer yet. I get such a clean and close shave sans the irritation even if I use a not so new razor. My husband loves this stuff too. He hates shaving so much and I think he actually enjoys shaving when using this.

It retails for $3.99 but you can often find it on sale for less than $3. It is available at drugstore.com and most Wal-Marts. However, I haven’t been able to find this stuff since I have moved and that makes me so angry. This state has no idea what they are missing. Of course, I am surrounded by hippies that don’t shave:)

Would I eat this? Probably. Will I continue to buy this stuff by the truckload? Yes. Will I cry if I never find it again? Yes.

Tree Hut makes some amazing body products and I use them frequently and I think I should at least review them. I don’t actually know anything about the company other than all of their products are pretty amazing. I’ve been tempted to repackage it and sell it for like $50 to yuppies that don’t shop at drugstores. I’ve had a love affair with Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Brazilian Nut for about five years.

First things first. I love the fragrance. It is rich and creamy but not in a cupcake way. It is warm, nutty and buttery. It is “foody” smelling but not in a Jessica Simpson body product way. It has a nutty warm vanilla sweetness. In fact it makes a great base product for my vanilla based scents. In fact this stuff doesn’t even mix poorly with my Prada EDP. It was made for my Maison de la Vanille Eau Noire du Mexique. If you like coconuty, vanilla, or cocoa butter type fragrances then this will be your favorite. It will transport you to the sexiest and most tropical South American beaches, even if that sounds √ľber cheesy.

The texture of this product is like the scent: rich and creamy. A little goes a long way and it just melts like butter into the skin. It is made with pure shea nut butter and leaves the skin feeling baby smooth and soft. It is also enhanced with Brazil Nut Oil for extra smoothness and richness. This is seriously one of the best body butters I have ever used. Take that back, it is the best. This stuff whoops The Body Shop’s and destroys L’Occitane, (and I love L’Occitane!). I’ve used the $50+ body creams and this stomps all of them. Some people have complained about this “balling up”, they are using too much product,¬† this stuff melts with body heat so don’t use the entire tub for one application. Everyone that tries this seems to love it and gets hooked, just check out the reviews on drugstore.com, I’m not the only one smitten. It is perfect for those with dry skin and makes a kicking foot cream.

This stuff has a wonderful price tag at $6.99 and is often on sale for under $5. Since I have moved it has been very hard to find. People’s skin must not get ashy in Washington. They are all too pale to see their flakes. Usually I found the entire line at Wal-Mart and Ulta. It is available at ulta.com and drugstore.com or you can call your mom in Tennessee to ship you out some.