I apologize ab out not updating my blog. I’ve been sick and really in no place to trust my sniffer. I’m feeling better and I’m trying to catch up.

Ligne St. Barth Vanilla Body Lotion is really a product for the vanilla lover. This is more of an “oceanic” vanilla. It is sweet and tropical with hints of salt water. This is definitely a vanilla scent. It’s sweet but not as sweet as other vanilla scents on the market that are trying to resemble baked goods. This is a nice tropical vanilla. It reminds me a of a vanilla scented tanning lotion. You get a whiff of salty sea air with this lotion. I think that is what makes it special.

The formula is rich but thin in consistency. It needs  rubbed in throughly. It leaves a shiny residue on the skin that resembles the appearance of oiled skin. (It has a rich avocado oil base and you can tell). This looks amazing on bare legs. I do think when the weather gets warmer that I will use this product as a “leg sheen”. It really adds a nice “glow” to my legs and it smells nice. It makes my legs look like they’ve been “oiled” but it doesn’t leave that kind of mess.

The scent of this lotion mixes well with all vanilla based scents. I’ve worn it with Prada EDP, various La Maison de la Vanille EDTs, Susanne Lang Vanilla Coconut EDP, and even Guerlain Shalimar EDP.  The scent of this lotion “enhances” the vanilla in other fragrances.

It’s a pricey lotion but it is a hard to find luxury product. I’m sure you could find something cheaper like it but I don’t have to explain the luxury market to you. This lotion comes in 2 sizes. It retails for $47 for the 6.8 oz. and $34 for the 4.2 oz. It’s available at beautyhabit.com.

Weekly Cheap Secret:

This is one of those great drugstore products. Basically, it is the perfect summer moisturize. It is a lightweight lotion, not greasy and not very moisturizing either but really all I need during the summer when I sunscreen up anyways 😦 But, I must add that I am used to body oil and goopy body butters. That is my disclaimer. It is faintly scented. That doesn’t stick around at all so you can wear whatever fragrance you desire without your moisturizer getting in the way. Don’t worry this does not have that Original Jergen’s scent 🙂 What I love about this lotion is the shimmer. It has tons of tiny, finely milled gold shimmers. It looks amazing on tanned skin, any complexion really, because it “warms” it up. You are supposed to wait a few minutes before dressing because the shimmer may transfer on to clothes. I find myself impatient and rushed once I get out of the shower. Sometimes I dress immediately. I have gotten this on my clothes but it was no biggie. It washed out in the laundry and did not permanently stain. I somehow leave a glitter trail no matter where I go, so this didn’t bother me. If you let this dry, it will not budge. That is great. You will be shimmery all day! Do wash your hands unless you want gilded palms! I love to use this on my legs, everywhere, it really works with my complexion. I like it so much better than Michael Kors Leg Shine, which smells great but doesn’t give me a natural glow.

It’s a bummer because I can’t find this at any of the drugstores or superstores anymore. I order it from drugstore.com and it seems that many ladies are having this problem too. I hate that just because I hope it isn’t being discontinued because it is one of the best shimmer products on the market. I also read that a reviewer mixes this with body cream. That is a great idea. This is a little costly for a drugstore product and that will stretch it and it is hard to find. (I have been known to ration this product and only wear it when I know I will be showing some skin). Also you can customize how much moisture you need. It goes for about $7.50 for 7.5 ounces. I wish they would focus on this moisturizer again and stop coming out with all of those Natural Glow products, this is all I need!

Bobbi Brown Platinum is a pretty look. It’s pretty simple but it does contain platinum pink shimmer and that really does liven up most complexions. It is a bit of a funny look, considering the model is wearing a boy beater and light denim jeans with a huge ass rhinestone necklace that even puts my Granny’s pavé to shame. She’s a pretty gal but she looks a bit drag and man-ish in this. But, anyways.

FACE: There is a Platinum Pink Shimmer Block for $40. It is sooo pretty with shimmery strips of pink, silver, and “nude”. It has many functions such as blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow.

EYES: There are four new Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow. There is Ash which is a bark brown. There is Steel which is a deeper mushroomy shade. There is Heather which a lovely springy lilac. There is Platinum which is a silvery white. These go for $22. The classic Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner have been relaunched. Geez, I love this formula. And Everything Mascara has been relaunched. (I’ve never tried it.)

LIPS: There are two new Shimmer Lip Glosses: Confetti, a shimmery pinky pale gold, and Glacier, a shimmery silver. There are two new Lip Glosses: Nougat, a nice neutral nude, and Bright Pink, like the name implies but sheer. All retail for $20.

There is a nice OTT Shimmering Body Oil. It has tons of platinum shimmer in a dry oil base. It smells of “Party” which is pretty femme and nice. It is a mix of lily of the valley, violet, and citrus. It retails for $34 for 1 ounce. Pricey, but glamorous. And it looks wonderful on legs.

So Irresistible

So Irresistible

First of all I need to state that I am a sucker for packaging. Especially vintage inspired packaging because I have a weird obsession with all things old. I really have a hard time connecting with my generation and hold onto vintage things even cutesy Benefit packaging. So, that is what really motivated me to purchase a tin of $30 body balm. Luckily, the actual product is awesome and I love it.

Benefit Body So Fine is a lightly scented velvety body balm that comes in an adorable “boudoir” inspired pink tin with a little black Bathina puff. It looks amazing in my “boudoir” that my poor husband has to share with me. Ignore the complaints on makeupalley.com, I have absolutely no complaints of this product. Of course I am the type of gal that on my days off wears red lipstick and false eyelashes even though I may or may not leave the house. I believe you must always look drop-dead gorgeous. Some people dislike the fragrance, which I expect, we are all very different. The people that dislike it describe it as smelling “old”. First of all these are the people that like to smell like Victoria’s Secret body spray, I don’t. I wear Guerlain Jicky and Pigeut Fracas, now that is old. Body So Fine smells exactly like Benefit’s Maybe Baby in my opinion ( a very new smelling fragrance). It is a light “tumbling” floral with a hint of apricot. Benefit claims it is an aphrodisiac. I’d believe that. My husband loves it. It just smells feminine and not too complicated for “man” noses. It isn’t loud and works well with other scents, even patchouli. Second complaint others had was with the black puff. They said it got all icky and clumpy with the balm. I have used this everyday for quit sometime (over a month) and my puff is smooth, yes stained with the balm but do I care? No. This stuff feels like silk on the skin. It is smooth and moisturizing. A little goes a long way. It adds a very faint glimmer that is the ultimate in sexy. The best way that I can describe it, is that it makes you look like you are wearing hose but your not. It’s a great alternative for itchy hose. If you are feeling “blah” and wear this, I guarantee it will pick you up. You could be wearing sweats and feel like the ultimate in sexy lady with this stuff smeared on your decollete. And isn’t that what feeling simply irresistible is about?

Michael Kors fragrance is a nice girly white floral that screams: LADY! I really like it but it is one of the few fragrances out there that makes my throat hurt. I want to wear it and love it but I can’t.  However, I can wear the leg shine because the fragrance isn’t as strong as the EDP spray.

The fragrance of this is still the beautiful white floral mix of freesia, tuberose, peony, and lilies with a touch of musk and resin like accords. It lingers but doesn’t take over.

The package is the perfect use for a deodorant style container. It swivels and is easy to use. You just glide it over the legs and you’re done. This stuff has been around for a while and is now offered in numerous shades. The one that I have used has been the Classic which is a bronze sheen with a tad bit of gold. It is moisturizing and smooths legs with a little bit of shimmer. It gives a hose sheen without the hose. It wore pretty much all day except on really hot ones. It isn’t completely transfer resistant and greases up some things like a thick body cream with shimmer would. It was nice and I just thought of it as a special balm for my legs. It isn’t a miracle worker and you’re paying for the fragrance. If you want color that stays try that Sally Hansen spray on stuff. The other shades are Bronze which adds a bronzer glow, Shimmer which is a light tan with shimmer and Golden which is pretty much the classic with some extra gold flakes. It retails for $32 and a little goes a long way.