Red velvet cake is a very sentimental item in my life. I kissed the man that was to be my husband for the first time over a red velvet cake and my wedding cake was red velvet and every special occasion we have good ole’ Southern red velvet cake. I was really happy to find this product even though I really don’t want to smell like cake batter. However, this gel makes me really happy and smells like the rich, real thing.

Philosophy Red Velvet Cake Ulra-Rich-3-In-1 Shower Gel, Shampoo, and Bubble Bath is a multi-tasking bottle crammed full of sweetness. It smells like a real homemade red velvet cake but doesn’t leave you smelling like one all day. It just makes the shower into a bakery for a short time. It is rich, sweet, vanilla-ish and buttery and 100% yummy. It smells edible. I’m usually sick of it by the time I am finished with a 16 ounce bottle. But, it does make me happy while I have it. It makes me think of my honey. You can gag now.

The formula is very high foaming. I have used it as shampoo and didn’t hate it. I usually use it as a shower gel but it makes a wonderful bubble bath. It reatails for $16 and you can get it at or It won’t make you fat either even though it seems like it would, inhaling all that creamy sweetness.