Prescriptives Well Suited fall collection reminds me of Dior’s fall collection last year and a slew of others. The inspiration is menswear and fabric. Once again, masculine chic is in this fall: vests, fedoras, button ups. It’s a bit dandy, Garbo, and 70’s Charlie Girl all in one. I’m not complaining, I love this look for fall fashions. Well Suited collection has those perfect shades for fall and since it is Prescriptives there is a compact/color for all complexions, eye colors, hair colors. The focus for this collection is on the eyes. All limited edition items come in a tweed like packaging. All items are available at Prescriptives.

EYES: There are 3 Eye Compacts that retail for $40. Each compact contains 5 eyeshadows. The Warm compact contains shades of warm beige, warm medium brown, soft olive drab, warm dark brown, and a calm ocean teal. I really think that this compact would be very flattering on blue eyes since the warm shades will provide a nice contrast. The Cool compact contains light pink shimmer, dirty mauve, dusty grey, soft burgundy plum, and a rich eggplant. I think this compact would look amazing on hazel and green eyes. Those cool plum shades will make the green stand out. The Neutral compact contains a light beige, cool light brown, deeper brown shimmer, lead pencil grey, and a matte black. This compact should go with all eye colors. There are 4 shades of the new Long Wearing Kohl Liners. It is like a kohl but with a retractable tip. It retails for $17.50 and comes in Black, Slate, Brown, and Blue. Evidently this liner is supposed to wear nicely on the inner rim of eyes because it is waterproof and smooth. (I never do this, my eyes are too small as is). Lash Envy Mascara has been relaunched for the collection.

LIPS: There are 4 shades (3 LE) of Colorscope Lipcolor for $17.50. There is Posh Honey (creamy latte cream), Posh Ginger (warm copper shimmer), Posh Nude ( a super soft mauve cream), and Posh Pink (creamy light plum berry). Obviously, the lips are sheer/nude for this collection. My favorites are Posh Honey because it is a great lipcolor that goes with a smoky eye and Posh Nude because it is so “everyday”.

FACE: There is a Finishing Powder in Translucent for $28. It is a sheer shimmer pressed powder complexion perfector.

This is the look that will never grow old. Thick, heavy eye makeup and nude lips will always scream sexy. To get Faye’s look using Stila products,  apply a sheer foundation such as Stila Natural Finish Oil-Free Makeup and Stila Perfecting Concealer where needed. Lightly dust face with a loose powder such as Stila Hydrating Finishing Powder in your shade. Brush brows into place with just a hint of color with Stila Brow Polish in your shade. Apply the lightest shade from the Stila Eye Shadow Duo in Salome, this is a light warm shimmer, from lashline to brow bone. With the eyes open, blend the darker shade (the warm bronze) above the crease. Take the darker shade and lightly line the bottom lashline. Black “cat” eye makeup is a must. Apply Stila Liquid Liner in Black and extend out from the lashline. Now, take a dark shade such as the matte black from their Matte Eye Shadow, Makalu. Take a stiff liner brush and line over the liquid liner, blending up for a slightly smoky eye. Take the same liner brush and line the bottom lashes half way. This creates that “mysterious” eye look. Apply lots of black mascara such as Stila Major Lash Mascara. Cheeks are super nude. Apply the Stila Convertible Color in Peony. A little goes a long way for this look. Also, to make life even easier, you can apply the Convertible Color to lips with fingertips for a nude, matte lip look. If you want a little more sheen, Stila Lip Color in Emily is a nice nude. Or you can just apply a balm over the Convertible Color.

It is time to mod-ify your look. This look is super simple but really glam. No wonder Urban Outfitters is obsessed with this look.

First apply a tinted moisturizer to even out the complexion. I really like Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Teinte Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30. Use a concealer where needed, if you are like me you can not live without it under the eye area. I love Prescriptives Site Unseen Concecelear. Illuminate skin with Guerlain Meteorites for the Face in Mythic. Love this stuff. Brows are simple and pretty much clean but undefined. Brush brows with Dior Brow Gel in Clear. Use a nude shadow from lashline to brow, something like Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Maui Wowie. Line eyes with a matte cake liner such as NVEY ECO Organic Cake Eyeliner in Black. Wet a thin liner brush and dip in the eyeliner. Line and it won’t budge once it is dry. Coat lashes with a black mascara of your choice. Make sure to coat bottom lashes for this mod eyed look. Dab Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Matte Gloss in Deafening Silence onto cheeks with fingertips. Also use this on lips for a simple and polished look. Fragrance should be simple and “tonic-ish”. I say go for something like Hermes (how appropriate for Jane!) Us Jardin Apres Le Mousson, it’s lovely and unisex.

Ursula Andress always had that great sexy 60’s bombshell look. This look will never get old: dark eyes and pale lips. It is the epitome of well, sexy. To get this look first prep skin with a matte foundation and concealer if needed, something like NARS Oil Free Foundation and Concealer Stick in your shade. Lightly dust skin with a powder if you are an oily skin type. Bronzer is a must. Use my favorite bronzer, NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna. It has the right amount of golden shimmer and color. Brush brows into place with a brow comb and pencil in if needed with a powdery pencil like NARS Eyebrow Pencil in your shade. Panama is the one closest to Ursula’s shade. Apply foundation and powder to eyelid. Use a nude matte shadow from lashline to brow bone. Use something like the lightest shade in the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Bellissima which is a sheer shimmering beige. This shade really “lifts” the brow bone. Take a large shadow brush and brush the deeper shade from the duo into the crease, it is a grayish brown. Blend until it looks airbrushed. Line eyes with a smoky khol liner like NARS Eyeliner Pencil in Black Moon which is a deep matte black. Line eyes on the top and on the bottom. Take an angled liner brush lightly dipped in a black eyeshadow such as the matte black in the NARS Eyeshadow Duo Pandora. Brush outwards, blending and creating a rich but soft smoky eye. Apply false lashes and/or a rich black mascara. Use NARS The Multiple in St Barts which is a shimmery tan taupe on cheeks. Blend with fingertips for a natural bronzed look. Line lips with a nude lip pencil such as NARS Lipliner Pencil in Fantasia which is a nude peach shade. Lips are matte and super neutral. Coat lips with NARS Lipstick in Belle Du Jour which is a nude beige. Apply a crisp but classy fragrance such as Emilio Pucci Vivara perfume to complete this look.

OK, I find butterflies a bit springy, but maybe in the dead of winter I will appreciate Guerlain’s springy choice. I do like the collection, I do love Guerlain. The 2008 color collection features the following:

Meteorites Butterfly Pearls Powder Pearls: These have that lovely Guerlain violet fragrance, are super shimmery and much larger than the traditional Meteorites. They would last forever. the shimmery powders are very flattering and come in beige, pink, white and gold. The container is a metallic pale silvery lilac shade with a butterfly on top. I prefer the traditional packaging more. But, that is just me. These retail for $65.

Sublime Radiant Powder: This is a lovely item with an adorable butterfly adorned atomizer. It is a super shimmery iridescent silvery pink powder with that lovely violet fragrance. The powder can be sprayed onto hair and body for extra holiday glamor. It can be sprayed onto the back of hands and brushed on to face, eyes, etc. The powder is super fine and luxurious. It retails for $82, so it better be luxurious.

Kiss Kiss Lip Gloss: These have a pearly metallic butterfly cap. The formula is the same as always. It is smooth, delicately scented and has lots of shine. The colors are Shimmering Pink which is a bright pink with purple and blue shimmers and Shimmering Violet which is a shimmery light violet. I wanted this one but it was sold out 😦  These retail for $28.

Meteorites Voyage Pressed Powder: This is a very lovely pearly refillable compact. The powder is super shimmery and decorated with butterflies. The shimmer goes all the way down. It is not “gilded”. It has pearly beige, white, pin, and bronze. It is very flattering. It’s a travel friendly version of Meteorites and you have to love that fragrance. Retails for $160.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick: Comes in the same beautiful packaging as the rest of the collection. Comes in a lovely pink shade and Sparkling White which is a super shimmery 60’s friendly lipstick with lots of shine. It looks great alone or layered over other matte shades. Retails for $29 and has a heavenly scent.

Mysterious Butterfly Eyeshadow Quad: This comes in a butterfly decorated case and each of the shadows has an embellished butterfly on them. The colors are soft and shimmery: pale gold shimmer, shimmery mauve, shimmery dusty lilac, and a shimmery royal purple. The colors are beautiful and blend wonderfully. Retails for $57.

Overall I like this limited edition holiday collection. It is unlike other items and collections offered for the holidays. The colors are shimmery and photograph well. I’ve seen the packaging in real life and it isn’t cheap. It is very luxurious and feminine. It is a nice treat from the traditional jewel tones and reds and greens. Eyes are purple and smoky, lips are glossy and nude, and the complexion is perfection. This is the only collection offered for the 2008 winter season that I have actually purchased from. True I am a Guerlain addict, but at least these shades are unlike others, plus I love the smell.

I have a few of these mark Glow Baby Glow and Glow Baby Glow Luxe lip glosses and I am really impressed with their quality for the price. They connect to one another so that you can choose your perfect combos. Each of these glosses have a minty fresh scent that is very inoffensive and fresh. The texture is thinner than MAC Lip Glass or Lancôme Juicy Tube but not as thin as Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm or Bonne Bell. It is really nice texture that wears for a while without being sticky or leaving those white gummy things on your lips like MAC does. I really like the stuff and it sells for $5 when it isn’t on sale. I have Peek-a-Boo which is an awesome pale nude that pairs perfectly with smoky eyes. I have Player which is a shimmery bronze that I’m not so crazy about just because it is so “normal” looking. I have Secret which is a nude pale mauve that looks great with smoky eyes. Girly Girl is a sheer pink with blue shimmer. The “luxe” shades I have are Lotus Luxe which is a shimmery nude pink and Pearl Luxe which is a white shimmer. You have to buy the connectors separately. I love these and I’d probably buy more if I could see them in person. That’s what sucks about mark, they’re really great cosmetics but you have to have a rep (which I don’t) or order them online and just guess. I really want to try the plumping glosses too. Buy them here.

Still A Modern Look

I love Sophia Loren. She wasn’t the best actress, but she had a wonderful look. I’ve decided to “recreate” her look from Man of La Mancha, you know one of those “historical” pieces were the main babe is still modern looking. First apply a sheer foundation if needed and touches of concealer where needed. I suggest Benefit Cosmetics You Rebel and Lancome Maquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer. A little bronzer may do you some good, I love NARS Bronzer Powder in Laguna for lighter skins or Casino for darker skins. Apply bronzer lightly with a large kabuki or bronzer brush, concentrating on where light actually hits. Sophia has amazing brows, they’re way thicker than mine but they are so beautiful. Brush your brows with a tinted brow tamer such as Dior Diorshow Brow Gel in the color that matches your complexion. Apply a nude shadow all over the lid. Use the lightest shade in Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in Mocha Motions. The colors in this quad are great and they lean to the cool side but have enough brown in them to keep them from looking odd. Take a big fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend the bottom left shade into the crease generously. You’re creating a light smoky eye. Take that same shade and smudge it around the lashline, top and bottom, creating a lovely ring. Take a brush and dab the top right color from the compact onto the “ball” of the eye when it is closed. This will help “grab” some light and keep the look from looking flat. Line eyes with a smoky black eyeliner such as Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Midnight. This formula is very smooth and soft. Curl lashes with an eyelash curler and coat with a lush black mascara such as L’Oreal Feather Lash. Don’t forget to coat the bottom lashes too. Brush cheeks with a large fluffy brush coated with Benefit Cosmetics Dallas or any bronzey blush shade. Line lips with a natural nude mauve lip pencil such as Lancome Le Lipstique in Natural Mauve. Apply a natural pink lipstick with a hint of shimmer such as Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Replenishing Lip Color in Pink Diamond. Apply NARS Body Glow to the body for a hint of sexy shimmer and fragrance. Now you’re ready to be sexy and a little understated.

We’ve had a few pretty warm days here and it had me thinking of beachy fragrances and bronzers again. I was thinking of these things before in Tennessee when it was like 90 degrees, but when we moved here it was like 50. So today I’m wearing bronzer, gold lipstick and heavy eyeliner to hold onto summer even though all the hot fall makeup collections are out and about. I was looking at surf rock record art and had this desire to cut my hair shorter which I always regret later on. I decided to think more of Honey Ryder in Dr. No to make me appreciate my long hair. Typically, not a Bond fan because he is a bit of a chauvinist, but I’ve always loved the chicks in the flicks. You can’t go wrong with the look of a Bond Girl.  So this is what I would use to recreate the look.


First, I could never be as tan as Ursula without getting mega freckly (how did a Swede get so dark anyways?). use a tinted moisturizer such as Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Teinte. Tinted moisturizers are great because you can cheat and buy a shade darker to add color without looking weird. I’d bronze with Guerlain Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in Brunette. Seriously, if you have not used this product you are missing out. It is amazingly natural and anyone can wear it. Brush it on with Sephora Bronzing Brush which is another must if you do not own one. I use mine daily. Fill in eyebrows with Lancome Le Crayon Poudre in Natural Blonde and set with Amazing Cosmetics Brow Gel. Since you’ll be frolicking on the beach with this look, use an eyeshadow base such as Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyeshadow Base. This is a great product. Remember to close the lid tightly after each use so that it doesn’t dry out. I’ve had one of these get all grotty before because of my hectic mornings and not paying attention. Use L’Oreal Hip Eyeshadow Duo in Dynamic. Dust the lighter shade from all over the lid. Apply the darker shade in the crease and blend with a fluffy brush. Use MAC Eyeshadow in Bisque under the brow. Line top and bottom of eyes with black eyeliner like Dior Waterproof Crayon in Trinidad Black and smudge MAC Eyeshadow in Typographic around the lashline. Coat lashes with lots and lots of Maybelline Full and Soft Waterproof Mascara in Very Black. Pat Nars The Multiple in Palm Beach onto cheeks. All you need for lips is CARGO Plant Love Botanical Lipstick in Mariska (named for my favorite Law and Order actress and lovely daughter of Jayne Mansfield), a light neutral taupe. Plus, the packaging for the lipstick is so appropriate for the era of Ursula Andress. I’d wear Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess as a fragrance. A look like this is so timelessly sexy despite if your name is Ursula or not. bronzegoddessmariskamaybellinewpdiorblacklorealdynamic