I will be wrapping up so loose ends before we move into our new and not completely renovated home this weekend, while emptying and cleaning the barren rental. Internet is not available in our home yet, darn 30’s home. So, there won’t be any new posts until next week or whenever we get Internet or I break down and go hang around a coffee shop for a few hours. Have a nice weekend and keep it glamorous!

Things have been so crazy and unpredictable in my life lately. I’ll refrain from ranting but let me just say that it has included a mortgage that has been in the process of closing for over 90 days, having to move out of my current rented residence because I will not sign a year lease since I am purchasing my first home, I have nowhere to live as of tomorrow, and the temps here in Washington have been super hot and unbearable. Anyways, if you want to read more about my so called life please refer to my home blog, www. tudorks.wordpress.com. And it is OK if you don’t. I’ll attempt to post blogs for your beauty fix daily. However, I am without internet for at least a few days, so I am leaving you guys with a few new ones to last throughout the weekend. I have not disappeared or decided to neglect this blog! Have a great weekend and wear berry lip gloss and a dab of decadent chypre perfume for me since I am now packing light and only with cheekstain and a Crazystick. It will all work out, it usually does.

Well, I’ve been mega busy and really don’t know what I got myself into. I moved  and now have no place to live. OK, that might not be completely true, I am living in a hotel like in My Name Is Earl. I’m waiting to rent, they’re doing checks and stuff but until then I really don’t know what is going on. It is freak’n gorgeous here and it is very European in geography. I can’t compare the people to anyone because they are very Pacific Northwest-ish. They’re not trendsetters or at least not on purpose, they truly do not care. Coffee is very important but nothing, I repeat nothing beats Bongo Java of Nashville, TN. If I was to bring that stuff out here, I’d get everybody hooked. The coffee here is bitter and acidic; however, strong. It’s the kind of coffee that needs to be used with milk and mixed with stuff. The food is OK but is no Portland cuisine out here. Or at least I haven’t found it yet. I can’t wait to go mushroom hunting and I wished I packed some socks. It’s is abnormally cold out here which I think is a thousand times better than the 90 something heat I just left. I love the colors and flowers here and farmer’s markets. So far I’m pretty happy with the move and can’t believe that I did it. I drove through the country which is so totally bare. I can’t believe people in this country complain about overpopulation an immigrants, they have obviously not drove through 2000 miles of complete nothingness. This truly is a beautiful country and I didn’t realize it because I have been in the Southeast my whole life. I’ll post pics later.

Today I have nothing to do so I am going to go buy plaid flannel and hoodies because that is the only thing that makes sense here. Not all of the dresses and silk shirts and jeans that I packed. And can you wear coral lipstick out here?

So, my husband and I are moving to Washington next week. It’s going to take 36 hours of hard driving to get there. I don’t know where I am going to live and I don’t have a job yet. It still hasn’t really hit me yet, I just know that I am putting my stuff into boxes and researching the heck out of areas to live in the Seattle area. I’ve got to get into a pioneer mindset and just go for it. I hope I’ll like the place. If anyone has any suggestions of places to move to please let me know. I’m ghetto and from the South so I’m pretty sure I can take anything.  And I’ve got to move like a hundred bottles of perfume and I have no idea how to do this without a major blowout. Please comment on this.

I know I can make this trip if a bunch of people did it in a covered wagon before me.

french bulldog

These Frenchies are courtesy of Tahoma French bulldogs, the most beautiful babies on the world wide web. Hopefully, they will be my doggie neighbors.


Well, I’m doing the craziest thing ever, well since my wedding. We’ve decided to leave Tennessee and move to Seattle. We’ve been planning this, but we thought that we would wait until we both got jobs, etc. But, we’ve decided that we are wusses and we’re going to grow a couple of pairs and do what we want to really do.

I never do anything unplanned and frankly, I am scared of everything. So this is a big deal. Everything is almost packed up. I have two more weeks left at my current job placement and then we are out of here. I don’t know what I’ll miss in Nashville. My family is here so I’ll miss them. I’ll miss Mexican restaurants, humid summers and dirty South rap. I won’t miss the racism or ignorance that I experience daily. I won’t miss the horrible food culture and how I can’t get anything niche.

I’m ready for a change of scenery and something totally new. So, I’m driving across this country in a lil’ Scion for like 36 hours or something. It’ll be the road trip of a lifetime.  I’ll listen to grunge and wear a red flannel shirt and use Manic Panic Hair Dye in Plum Passion and eat chanterelles and drink espresso and be totally spoiled rotten. I’ll shoot up heroin in a van down by the ferries while seagulls attack my head. Sike, I won’t do that. Actually, I won’t do anything like that except get a little house by the water and a French bulldog named Stuckey, a cream colored beauty. I might wear flannel and I know I’ll eat wild mushrooms and continue to drink coffee.

I’m excited but I am scared shitless.