So, will our budget affect our fragrance consumption? Probably so. We live in the era of the sky is the limit. Even housewives and single income homes have $300 bottles of fragrance. I admit that I spend way too much on fragrance but I can. I’m stupid and I ‘m trying to get smarter. However, if you aren’t stupid and you are wise with money there are plenty of $20 and under options for you. There are many nice items out there that don’t smell like Love’s Baby Soft. There are plenty of nice items out there. You’ll only get less. Which is fine, you’ll be able to flirt with many fragrances. But, there are some in generous sizes and many of the small ones are long wearing.

I absolutely love any of the Crazylillbellue and the Poppies fragrances that go for $18 and under. They are solid swivel sticks. The wear for a while have none of that alcohol note. All the ones that I have had experience with are blended wonderfully. They are pretty simple and actually pretty single note but they smell “expensive”. They are portable. They can be a bit waxy but just rub it in. I also can’t say enough for L’Aromarine fragrance oils and EDT sprays.  Both retail under $20. They are available at

Another great brand of solid fragrances is by Pacifica. The solids retail for $9 and I would recommend Mediterranean Fig, French Lilac, Tahitian Gardenia, and Tuscan Blood Orange. But, really they are all nice for the price. They don’t wear very long and would probably need to be reapplied.

Many fragrance houses have responded to shrinking purses appropriately by offering smaller sizes of their items. You can try tinier amounts of fragrances that are pretty popular but not too bad such as Juicy Couture, the grandma floral made sweet,  ($16 for 1/4 ounce), Stella McCartney, the dusky rose,  ($17 for .33 ounces) Nanette Lepore, the musky floral, ($18 for .41 ounces), Carolina Herrerra, the amazing white floral with an Old Hollywood vibe ($10 for .34 ounces), or Philosophy Amazing Grace, the musky comforting floral that for some reason I am addicted to, ($15 for 1/2 ounce). All are available on Some others have jumped on the band-wagon like the warm and golden St. John’s ($18 for .33 ounce) available at
L’Occitane has many nice options both in small sprays ($12 to $19) or in the Fragrant Touches ($20). I am a fan of the proper Roses des 4 Reines, the exotic Eau D’Iparie, the fresh and simple blends of Mrytle and Iris, and I really like the warm Amber.

Some cheaper opitions with larger portions include some by Avon and mark. I like the lily of the valley scent Avon’s Flower by Cynthia Rowley EDT ($15 for 1 ounce). I also like Avon Tahitian Holiday, the beachy floral ($15 for 1.7 ounces) and I like Avon’s Sweet Honesty, the powdery clean floral ($12 for 1.7 ounces). Mark’s Pure Fragrance EDT is a nice clean scent ($15 for 1.5 ounces). Demeter Fragrances are always nice to and come in so many things. The cologne sprays retail for $20 for 1 ounce or you can get the 1/2 ounce cologne splashes for $6. Some of my favorites include: Beetroot, Whisky Tobacco, Leather, Fuzzy Naval, and Dirt. Yves Rocher has many nice fragrances. If you like fruity try $11 3.4 ounces bottles or the little $5 bottles of Poire, Mure, Peche, Framboise, and even Noix de Coco. The company really has a nice fragrance for the price. I love their minis. The Absolute fragrances of Rose, Amber, and Iris are very nice. The $20 4.2 ounce cologne sprays of Verbena, Chevrefueille, and Cedre Bleu are very refreshing. I also like old school favorites such as Revlon’s Jean Nate Cologne Spray ($10 for 2.25 ounces) and the wild floral fragrance of Coty Muguet des Bois ($15 for 1.8 ounces).

Once again I have fallen for L’Aromarine’s adorable vintage packaging. I bought it for its cute packaging and I was looking for something to replace Guerlain Vetiver. The Vetyver fragrance is simple, an unisex single note fragrance, and is perfect for warmer weather. Vetiver is a grass that is used in so many perfumes and even household items from mats to hampers (which I really, really want). The fragrance is clean, refreshing, and well, “green”. You know vetiver when you smell it. It is grassy with a hint of citrus. It is like lemongrass but much more green and less foody. The L’Aromarine EDT is cute. It is cheap, under $20 (there are different sizes), long wearing, and simple.  It smells “refreshing”. L’aromarine’s is light but still manages to wear the entire day. The dry down, many, many hours later reminds me of the woodiness of patchouli. It isn’t fancy but I do like it just as much as Guerlain’s. I find this scent easy to wear for both sexes. It doesn’t smell masculine or feminine. It just smells clean and fresh.

My first experience with L’Aromarine Florale Eau De Toilette Spray was not a good one. It came via UPS in a box that was  saturated with this heavy scent on one of the hottest days of the year that we have had. About an ounce of the EDT leaked in the box. It didn’t damage the other items but it got all over me.

Like I have mentioned before L’Aromarine fragragnces are very concentrated. They are strong and have a long lasting power. I was exposed to so much Florale that it gave me a bad headache. I had to set the box on the porch it was just so strong. A few days passed and the lovely ladies at sent me a new Florale that came via UPS in excellent condition. I still had to give it some time before I tried it on my skin because I was a little gun shy to say the least. Today was my day to give it a try.

First, it comes in an adorable deco inspired bottle. The spray is very easy to use and a little goes a long way. I find that one spray is enough to last many, many hours. WARNING: Do not over do it. The fragrance isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I expected. You can not find the notes of this EDT listed anywhere on the internet. Everyone says, “The Florale fragrance is as its title suggests – a bouquet of floral essences, not too sweet. A classic French fragrance.” Well, duh, I know it is floral, but what is it? Usually, I can identify many notes. But, I have trouble with this one. The fragrance is floral, yes, it isn’t sweet and it is slightly spicy. I smell roses, the heavy, “old-fashioned” kind that many young ladies do not like. This fragrance smells like a French cologne that came straight out of the 50’s. It is the kind of fragrance we think of when we think of our grandmother’s going out fragrance. It doesn’t smell “fresh” but more of a dried bouquet or your favorite romantic flowers. I smell rose and a bit of lily. It reminds me a lot of rose essential oil mixed with Avon’s Skin So Soft Body Oil. This isn’t a bad thing, just pretty heavy for an EDT. This fragrance is not “new” nor “modern” and I do not recommend it to those that think Vera Wang is a heavy floral. This is a scent for a confident fragrance wearer, most rose scents are. The fragrance can be very strong but dries down to something soft and classic within 45 minutes. This fragrance is very “vintage” and “mature”. I think it is pleasant but I know that it isn’t for everyone and most women my age won’t like it. They like Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. and Pink Sugar. They’d call this a “French whore” or “grandma” fragrance, two people that most likely have very little in common. Regardless, the fragrance oils smell fairly “expensive” in my opinion. It smells just like something I have smelled before but I can’t name it. It drives me nuts. It smells like something far more expensive.  Anyways, if you are curious and want to try this and you like the smell of pure rose oil or classic European fragrances, you can pick this up on,, or It is on clearance on I like it, I don’t think I’ll buy it again. However, I think it would make a lovely fragrance for a dusting powder which I now I will try to do.

Update: I made some bath salts with this fragrance and love it. The “dried” flowers smell mixes so well with hot water. This fragrance also mixes well with patchouli. I spray this on and wear a dab of patchouli and it is amazing. This scent has really grown on me. I just had to give it some time after being saturated in it.

It is like a dried bouquet.

It is like a dried bouquet.