I flirt with Lancôme’s Magie Noire eau de toilette spray every now and then. It is a fragrance that I really love but I don’t wear daily. It is one of my “special” fragrances for some reason. Magie Noire is pretty “heavy” for an EDT, you know like how Opium is. Like Opium, Magie Noire is a thick but wonderfully blended oriental fragrance. I reserve both of the fragrances for special occasions and I think of them both as very sensual and seductive, smoky fragrances. It is a lovely fragrance that is “noire” without being too heavy or animalic. It is an intoxicating fragrance and it does not wear closely to the skin. So, like incense smoke, it swirls around the wearer. It is fragrance with everything: woods, florals, spices, and greens. It is very “French”. On my skin it smells very woodsy, a lovely sandalwood. It is made “fresh” by chypre notes and rose oil. It isn’t too spicy on me but there are “peppery” notes that aren’t over powering to the nose. The spices blend wonderfully with the rose. For an EDT it has an amazing staying power and I can smell it at least 5 or 6 hours later.

Some folks may find Magie Noire dated. It is. It was created in the late 70’s with all of those other wonderful “exotic” oriental blends. These are powerful fragrances and this attitude does wear off on the wearer. I haven’t had anyone of the opposite sex really go wild over this or even comment. I think it can turn off some men. My husband refers to it as the “bitch” fragrance because it carries so much attitude. It’s a very “black cat” fragrance. It just has l’air of a black cat: it’s mysterious and a bit untrustworthy. And it’s a little goth.

I love wearing this fragrance. It is warm and sensual. The price is right at $55 for the 2.5 ounce. At one time I had my hands on the pure parfum which was so lovely but was truly OTT. The EDT is just right for me. It is a little “rawer” than the perfume and it more like “black magic”. This fragrance may not be out at Lancôme counters. But, I promise, they have it. You’ll just have to ask. This is the only Lancôme fragrance that I love and wish they’d realize what a gem they have and do an add campaign instead of creating more crap.

Its a fragrance that reminds me of a black cat.

It's a fragrance that reminds me of a black cat.

Magie Noire Perfume for Women Eau De Toilette Spray 2.5 Oz by Lancome

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If you like the warmth and softness of amber scents, you are bound to love L’Artisan Parfumeur L’Eau d’Ambre eau de toilette. It is a very simple amber fragrance. The L’Artisan Parfumeur website says:

A formula that blends the most precious materials used by perfumers – balm and amber. A soft, rounded, mysterious, Oriental tale from the pages of “A Thousand and One Nights.”

Amber is just a soft milky amber scent. The initial spritz is a bit sharp because it has geranium in it. This quickly fades and leaves a warm, resiny, incense but not smoky amber, patchouli, and a bit of vanilla mix. It is a lovely fragrance that is warm and inviting. My husband wears amber resin smeared on his skin and this scent reminds me of him. It is very “snuggley”. I used to wear a lot amber scents and amber resin too but I grew out of it. When smelling this again, it reminded me of why I love this intoxicating fragrance. This scent wears closely to the skin like most amber scents. Amber seems to become apart of the skin. It was meant to be worn. What I am surprised about is that this fragrance is long wearing. It is an EDT that lasted on my skin the next day. The blotter card held the scent strongly for a week. It dries down to a pure, rich, succulent amber with a dash of vanilla for softness. Or the “roundness” the company uses to describe it. It is very basic and simple. If you like “oriental” fragrances, you should give this a try. I really like it. Will I purchase it? Most likely no. It is lovely and warm and perfect for autumn but I find that I love my amber resin just as much. (It is a lot cheaper too.) I am impressed that this juice conjures up so much of that rocky, resiny part of amber and not that strange liquid amber that many perfume oils have. This product retails for $95 for the 50ml, $135 for the 100ml, body cream is $65, shower gel is $45, large candle is $60 and the small is $20. It would make a lovely home fragrance since it is so warm, inviting and cozy. You can purchase it at barneys.com or lartisanparfumeur.com.

One of my favorite prints, based on 1,000 Nights by Vargas.

One of my favorite prints, based on 1,001 Nights by Vargas.