Weekly Cheap Secret:

This is one of those great drugstore products. Basically, it is the perfect summer moisturize. It is a lightweight lotion, not greasy and not very moisturizing either but really all I need during the summer when I sunscreen up anyways 😦 But, I must add that I am used to body oil and goopy body butters. That is my disclaimer. It is faintly scented. That doesn’t stick around at all so you can wear whatever fragrance you desire without your moisturizer getting in the way. Don’t worry this does not have that Original Jergen’s scent 🙂 What I love about this lotion is the shimmer. It has tons of tiny, finely milled gold shimmers. It looks amazing on tanned skin, any complexion really, because it “warms” it up. You are supposed to wait a few minutes before dressing because the shimmer may transfer on to clothes. I find myself impatient and rushed once I get out of the shower. Sometimes I dress immediately. I have gotten this on my clothes but it was no biggie. It washed out in the laundry and did not permanently stain. I somehow leave a glitter trail no matter where I go, so this didn’t bother me. If you let this dry, it will not budge. That is great. You will be shimmery all day! Do wash your hands unless you want gilded palms! I love to use this on my legs, everywhere, it really works with my complexion. I like it so much better than Michael Kors Leg Shine, which smells great but doesn’t give me a natural glow.

It’s a bummer because I can’t find this at any of the drugstores or superstores anymore. I order it from drugstore.com and it seems that many ladies are having this problem too. I hate that just because I hope it isn’t being discontinued because it is one of the best shimmer products on the market. I also read that a reviewer mixes this with body cream. That is a great idea. This is a little costly for a drugstore product and that will stretch it and it is hard to find. (I have been known to ration this product and only wear it when I know I will be showing some skin). Also you can customize how much moisture you need. It goes for about $7.50 for 7.5 ounces. I wish they would focus on this moisturizer again and stop coming out with all of those Natural Glow products, this is all I need!

I love this stuff. It wears for a long time and it doesn’t crease! You can’t say that about every cream shadow on the market. This stuff comes in a cool glass pot and a little goes a long way. It is a creamy super shimmery formula that once applied to the lid turns more powdery and budge proof. It looks wonderful with powder shadows layered over and it makes a great shadow base. They do not make the lids feel oily. There are alot of colors to choose from. I have a few. I really like Goldlights which is a super shimmery Gold Finger worthy gold and my favorite. It looks great with my blue eyes and with a tan (which I don’t have). I like Aqua Shimmer which is a medium super shimmery aqua. It looks wonderful alone or used with a liner brush as a fun liner. I have Whitelights which is a silvery shimmery white. It makes a great eyeshadow base and it looks great alone with bold lipsticks. Violet Visions is another nice one that is a medium purple. This one makes a great liner too especially when worn with bright magenta lips. They retail for $23. Keep the lid on them tight so that they don’t dry out. So far all of mine are just as nice as the day I got them, no drying or anything. But, I am a weirdo about keeping them sealed!


It seems that like summer makeup trends, fall makeup isn’t ready to let go of the 24K gold and lapis lazuli look. Every summer collection this year was centered around gold and aqua. Chanel’s fall makeup collection, The New Opulence, is all about warm gold decadence and smoky teals. Which is great, I love metallic makeup and nothing is more luxe and appropriate for any season than gold. Gold manages to be flattering on all shades of skin. Here’s a list of some of my fav cosmetics blessed by the Midas touch.

1. Guerlain L’or Radiance Concetrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base – One of the most amazing bases on the market. It is infused with 24K gold and has a lightweight feel and provides a cooling sensation. Retails for $68.

2. Nars Creme Blush in Gold Member – A pure gold, creamy highlighter that is Goldfinger appropriate. Retails for $24.

3. Benefit 24K Sexy Gold Lip Gloss – A burnished gold shimmery lip gloss that looks amazing alone or layered. Retails for $20.

4. NYX Liquid Eyeliner in Gold – A metallic pure gold liquid liner that comes with a super fine brush. A steal at $3.

5. Chanel Limited Edition Nail Colour in Gold Fiction – A gilded gold nail color that costs a fortune and probably wears off in an hour. Nordstrom says it is $30 but I just talked to a friend that works for the counter who I could of swore just said that it is $20 now.

6. Milani Shadow Wear Eye Shadow Quad – This high quality/ low price set contains four super shimmery and pigmented shades: pale beige, rustic gold, deep bronze and a dark emerald green. Sells for $5.99.

7. Prescriptives Magic Liquid Powder Red Neutalizer – This cooling shimmery powder neutralizes red, but I use mine to add an ethereal glow to my complexion. Retails for $35.

8. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Very Gold 500 – An intense shimmery gold that looks great alone or layered to warm up other lipsticks. Sells for $28 and worth every cent.

9. Michael Kors Leg Shine in Gold – A heavenly ultra feminine scented, ultra glamorous use for a deodorant stick. Has gold flecks to add some wow to your legs. Retails for $32.

10. Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Gilded – This  is their newest bronzer that is a shimmery bronze laced with golden veins. This stuff lasts forever. Retails for $24.

I am still looking for a perfect eyeliner in pencil form of a pure shimmery gold. I am begging for any suggestions. I’ve spent numerous hours searching in drugstores, department stores and Sephora. I’m trying to replace something I bought from Avon ages ago. And for all of you that love I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, I gotta have this so I can O.G.