This is the look that will never grow old. Thick, heavy eye makeup and nude lips will always scream sexy. To get Faye’s look using Stila products,  apply a sheer foundation such as Stila Natural Finish Oil-Free Makeup and Stila Perfecting Concealer where needed. Lightly dust face with a loose powder such as Stila Hydrating Finishing Powder in your shade. Brush brows into place with just a hint of color with Stila Brow Polish in your shade. Apply the lightest shade from the Stila Eye Shadow Duo in Salome, this is a light warm shimmer, from lashline to brow bone. With the eyes open, blend the darker shade (the warm bronze) above the crease. Take the darker shade and lightly line the bottom lashline. Black “cat” eye makeup is a must. Apply Stila Liquid Liner in Black and extend out from the lashline. Now, take a dark shade such as the matte black from their Matte Eye Shadow, Makalu. Take a stiff liner brush and line over the liquid liner, blending up for a slightly smoky eye. Take the same liner brush and line the bottom lashes half way. This creates that “mysterious” eye look. Apply lots of black mascara such as Stila Major Lash Mascara. Cheeks are super nude. Apply the Stila Convertible Color in Peony. A little goes a long way for this look. Also, to make life even easier, you can apply the Convertible Color to lips with fingertips for a nude, matte lip look. If you want a little more sheen, Stila Lip Color in Emily is a nice nude. Or you can just apply a balm over the Convertible Color.

Seems as if Dior and Givenchy accidentally got some wires crossed for their Fall 2008 Color Collections. Givenchy has released some of their items and they are a bit “dandy”. This new Givenchy Pocket Beauty Case plays along with the 1930’s, old Hollywood androgyny, and 1970’s Faye Dunaway vibe. This is a new adorable silver Givenchy logo-ed “pocket watch” styled beauty case. It houses a dewy shimmering sheer pink highlighter that can be used on lips, cheeks, chest, or shoulders. My vote is for lips. It looks really pretty on lips and plus it is fun to pop out for reapplication. It is limited edition and retails for $55.

Dandy enough for a lady.

Dandy enough for a lady.

diordandyDior has launched their fall collection known merely as “Dandy” and I am in love for many reasons. It’s part Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde and part bad ass bronzed eyed gangsta. It’s “Hey, we’re in a freak’n recession, now lets have fun and emulate everything 1930’s that the economically fragile 1970’s embraced!” Boy, did they love Bonnie and Clyde in the 70s.  Since last year I have felt like I have been living in the 70s because of the recession, well before then, but I got out of college long enough to realize it.  The Green trends are our economy’s way of feeling comfortable with living cheap and reusing things and taking pride in cooking and growing our own produce. Cosmetics manufactures have been playing up “natural” and “bare” looks again, those neutrals that Farrah Faucet sported. Wild Western inspired Bohemian looks keep showing up even though I thought it was out ages ago. Fashions have became very retro Bonnie Parker. Music is getting more folksier or disco-ier. I’m glad that everyone is trying to have fun being poor. I know that I am. Living cheap makes me feel good. Yeah, I still want Dior, I’ll get it if I want it, I’ll just cook a pot roast or something and eat it all week. But, I find myself wanting less and less material things…

Anyways, to the collection. Other than just being beautiful because it reminds me of all chaos induced by a thin, blonde female gangster, the products are actually nice. There’s a Cuir Leather Impression Eyeshadow based on the popular “croc” pattern of their leathers.  cuirdior There’s Copper Diamond DiorSkin Shimmer Star Pressed Powder, new formulas of 2-Colour eyeshadow featured in Bronzy Look and Silver Look, 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Iridescent Leather and Earth Tones, beautiful blush in Pink Copper, Rouge Dior Lipstick in Fiction Brown and Western Beige, Creme de Gloss in Creamy Burgundy and Delicious Plum, Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Lace Beige and Lurex Plum, Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner in Iridescent Khaki, and Rouge Contour Lip Liner in Mysterious Plum and Mythical Brown. Dior is saying, ” Dandy is more than a look; it’s a state of mind, inspired by the chic, independent spirit of the 1930s. Unexpectedly glamorous in contrasts of rich feminine plums, berries and the ‘masculine’ chic of warm, deep beige shades.” Well, that independence and state of mind is robbing banks and shooting people up and hiding out from the law with your possibly bisexual outlaw boyfriend just because being poor and down and out pisses you off. Still, it manages to be beautiful despite the materialistic angst associated with the ‘masculine’ chic just because Faye Dunaway was/is a babe and those fashions in Bonnie and Clyde were just too damn awesome and Warren Beatty was a hunk. I’m sold. Now I just have to find a bank to rob to afford this collection…