I am always on the look out for a great gimmick. I still can’t get over all of the rub-on eyeshadows appliques that are on the market. Anyways, Avon has recently launched these Eye Artist Eyeshadow Trios. It is the “first shadow that looks like an eye!” Wow, that is a selling point, um, I’m being sarcastic. What a funny gimmick since it really doesn’t claim to do anything but have different packaging. It is supposed to remind our dumbasses how to apply eyeshadow. Like light all over, medium from lashline to crease, and deep in the middle. Base, contour, and highlight. Duh. I haven’t tried the product so I can’t tell you how the powder shadows wear or feel. The packaging is a bit strange but I guess it is a little cool. I guess. I retails for $8 when not on sale. It comes in four shades: Grey Guidance for a smoky look, Naturally Neutral which looks like a beach pebble neutral, Passion Plum which is featured above, and Teal Tutor which is the water colored teal and the most interesting looking to me.

eyetattoo Oh, the cosmetics industry… sometimes you love it, but if you’re like me most of the time you hate it. Or just laugh at its miserable attempts to sell things. Pictured above is a new product that you can find at Sephora. It’s ColorOn EyeEnvy one-size fits all mineral cream eyeshadow appliques. Truly, one of the stupidest things that I have seen hit the market in a while. The one pictured above is the “exotic kit”, the one for the avant-garde. The other kits are really just like this:

smokeytattoo The kits retail for $25 and contain 5 pairs of appliques and GetSet setting powder, application brush, and instructions. Basically, your supposed to place this on a closed eyelid, press and peel off. Blend if you must with a fingertip and set with the setting powder. It’s one-size fits all, so there is no way that it won’t work, right? Everybody’s eyelids are the same, right? This truly puts a new meaning to “putting on my face”. When will the gimmicks stop? If anybody has actually used these, please comment.