Prince once said that you don’t have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude. But, baby it sure don’t hurt. And it don’t hurt to have the makeup either. Other than the peanut butter blush, I really like this look. Has a bit of an Old Hollywood flair.

To get Joan’s look apply foundation. It is so hard for me to stay away from Charles of the Ritz with this look. Apply foundation and concealer where and if needed. Apply something like Elizabeth Arden Mousse Makeup and Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Concealer. Dust face with a loose powder such as Clarins Loose Powder. Brows are really filled in and freaking flawless. Fill in brows with a brow powder such as Clinique Brow Shaper Powder. Go for Charcoaled for brows like Joan’s. Take the angled brush and fill the heck out of those suckers. Apply a pale shimmery eyeshadow from lashline to brows. Take the lightest shade from Laura Mercier Eye Colour Quad in Tuxedo Eye. Next take the smoky gray shade and go from lashline to above the crease, blending in a half circle motion. Don’t be scared the eyes are dark. Next take that matte black and go from lashline to crease and blend. Blend the black under the eyes too around the lashline. Next take a black liquid liner such as Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner and the line the top lashline. Apply false lashes or tons of black mascara for this eye heavy look. Line lips with a brown lipliner such as Clarins Lip Pencil in Natural Brown. Now to the frosty lipstick. Go old school with Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Snowsilver Rose. Next to the cheeks which I’m not too wild about. Apply Lancome Magique Mousse Blush in Cinammon Glaze under the cheekbones. Personally, I want to wear a pink blush with this. Something like Lancome Magique Mousse Blush in Pink Parfait, but anyways. Fragrance needs to be all about the attitude. I’m thinking Christian Dior Poison even if it gave my husband an asthma attack once. Wouldn’t that be what Joan would want anyways, taking males breath away when she walks into the room?