I thought I’d give i Profumi di Firenze Fiori del Cielo a try. I wasn’t wowed nor did I despise it. With a name like “Flowers From Heaven” you really expect a whole lot. This is where they shot themselves in the foot in my opinion. These are hand crafted from Italian tradition. It is supposed to represent a lovely spring bouquet of iris, narcissus, anemone, and cyclamen. It is inspired by “the natural beauty of Florence”. I love iris fragrances. I really do like this fragrance. I was wanting to love it but I’m not there. It has the crispness of iris in the initial spritz. It is fresh and green but almost aquatic at times. So it does have a fresh rain element. Which is nice because it is trying to resemble Florence’s flowers after the rain. The scent is a very updated scent of classic iris based fragrances. It is crisp and almost grape like at times. I love the smell until is dries down. It just doesn’t work for me. It starts to smell like dried flowers and not like the crisp notes that were there before. I also felt like this one didn’t last on me. It only lasted a few hours before I grew numb to it. It isn’t a horrible fragrance and it is worth testing. I think I am going to test it again. It just isn’t something that I keep sniffing because I love it so much and it isn’t living up to the “Flowers From Heaven” name. But it does smell expensive and not “cheap”. I’ll give it another shot maybe when the weather warms up. Maybe I’ll love it in the spring. I’ve been stuck in the snow for a week. You would think any floral would “wow” my mind when I have cabin fever and a longing for spring.

It retails for $89 for 50 ml and is available at beautyhabit.com and barneys.com.

My first experience with L’Aromarine Florale Eau De Toilette Spray was not a good one. It came via UPS in a box that was  saturated with this heavy scent on one of the hottest days of the year that we have had. About an ounce of the EDT leaked in the box. It didn’t damage the other items but it got all over me.

Like I have mentioned before L’Aromarine fragragnces are very concentrated. They are strong and have a long lasting power. I was exposed to so much Florale that it gave me a bad headache. I had to set the box on the porch it was just so strong. A few days passed and the lovely ladies at beautyhabit.com sent me a new Florale that came via UPS in excellent condition. I still had to give it some time before I tried it on my skin because I was a little gun shy to say the least. Today was my day to give it a try.

First, it comes in an adorable deco inspired bottle. The spray is very easy to use and a little goes a long way. I find that one spray is enough to last many, many hours. WARNING: Do not over do it. The fragrance isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I expected. You can not find the notes of this EDT listed anywhere on the internet. Everyone says, “The Florale fragrance is as its title suggests – a bouquet of floral essences, not too sweet. A classic French fragrance.” Well, duh, I know it is floral, but what is it? Usually, I can identify many notes. But, I have trouble with this one. The fragrance is floral, yes, it isn’t sweet and it is slightly spicy. I smell roses, the heavy, “old-fashioned” kind that many young ladies do not like. This fragrance smells like a French cologne that came straight out of the 50’s. It is the kind of fragrance we think of when we think of our grandmother’s going out fragrance. It doesn’t smell “fresh” but more of a dried bouquet or your favorite romantic flowers. I smell rose and a bit of lily. It reminds me a lot of rose essential oil mixed with Avon’s Skin So Soft Body Oil. This isn’t a bad thing, just pretty heavy for an EDT. This fragrance is not “new” nor “modern” and I do not recommend it to those that think Vera Wang is a heavy floral. This is a scent for a confident fragrance wearer, most rose scents are. The fragrance can be very strong but dries down to something soft and classic within 45 minutes. This fragrance is very “vintage” and “mature”. I think it is pleasant but I know that it isn’t for everyone and most women my age won’t like it. They like Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. and Pink Sugar. They’d call this a “French whore” or “grandma” fragrance, two people that most likely have very little in common. Regardless, the fragrance oils smell fairly “expensive” in my opinion. It smells just like something I have smelled before but I can’t name it. It drives me nuts. It smells like something far more expensive.  Anyways, if you are curious and want to try this and you like the smell of pure rose oil or classic European fragrances, you can pick this up on amazon.com, beautyhabit.com, or smallflower.com. It is on clearance on beautyhabit.com. I like it, I don’t think I’ll buy it again. However, I think it would make a lovely fragrance for a dusting powder which I now I will try to do.

Update: I made some bath salts with this fragrance and love it. The “dried” flowers smell mixes so well with hot water. This fragrance also mixes well with patchouli. I spray this on and wear a dab of patchouli and it is amazing. This scent has really grown on me. I just had to give it some time after being saturated in it.

It is like a dried bouquet.

It is like a dried bouquet.