Wow, moving is really hard and doesn’t give me the luxury of keeping up with all the frivolous, superficial things in my life such as fragrance and cosmetics. But, I did take some time out about two weeks ago to investigate this Cool Heat collection. As always MAC sends me an email to announce that they have once more threw together (at the last minute it seems) a color collection of sorts.   While viewing the colors online I thought they were OK but the collection concept by itself is really lame.”Blues are cool, oranges are warm”, isn’t really that creative and most people aren’t going to wear a dark teal eyeshadow with bright coral lipstick. But, seriously does anyone pair any of these things together that come in the collections. Anyways, fast-forward to real life where I have to navigate a crappy mall in a new town and yes, they do have a MAC counter that was actually hopping with people buying boring ass mauve lipstick and black mascara. The colors that I thought looked interesting online were really boring but there were some nice ones. The best eyeshadow in my opinion is Climate Blue. Rich blues may turn a sour greenish shade on me (yes, I’m talking to you Electric Eel), but this shade with its pink pearl and slight violet tinge stayed a true blue on me. Another pretty one was Gulf Stream which is really as the site describes “a frosty mid-tone blue-green with green pearl”. Yes, they try this shade in a collection each summer. Now lets move on to lipsticks. I really loved them. Slimshine is a great formula for summer because it provides a fresh fruit kissed shade to lips. It makes lips look plumpy and nice. My favorite colors are High 90S which is a vivid coraly pink and Swelter, a wearable sheer red made for everyone. The fragrances are not so hot or cool. Turquatic is exactly what you would expect from a cheap aquatic fragrance: a manufactured lotus. The site lists orris as a note but I couldn’t catch it. The new Turquatic Heat is has none of the “sultry Mediterranean allure” that it claims to have. It is exactly like Turquatic but infused with a sickly vanilla and powdery amber and that is just wrong and stays on the skin too long. I didn’t buy anything from the collection because at the time I was stressed about finding a place to live but I do want to go back and pick up some heat Now I’m getting a tad homesick. When I went to the MAC counter everything was deadly boring. The people where fretting over two shades of mauve lipstick that were almost identical, buy them both bitch and leave. The girl working wasn’t even sporting fun stuff. I miss my MAC store with the guy working there with shaved eyebrows and they were drawn up on his forehead and as a clone of a young Divine. And all of the other over the top people that worked there. I wear too much makeup to live here.