I’m really not in love with the Dior Parisian Nude spring 2009 makeup collection. I find it a bit boring and a little too average. It is a little too Clinique for my tastes. This isn’t a horrible look. It looks great on my people and it even looks much like my toned down work look. So, that is why it is boring. This isn’t a collection and it shouldn’t be limited edition; these are too much of the everyday colors that most ladies already own.

FACE: There is a limited edition Lady Dior Compact for $75. It is a purse looking metal compact that is made to resemble the Lady Dior bag. It contains a sheer and shimmery champagne cheek highlighter and a sheer pink lip gloss. I find this product extremely boring, especially for the price.

EYES: There is a 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow Compact in Parisian Lights. This compact features pretty and soft shades of white, copper, copper rose, pink, and stainless steel. It retails for $56. They have relaunched the 2-Colour Duo Eyeshadow in Nude Look which is a deep chocolate and shimmery rose. It is a pretty combo that retails for $35. My only beef is that there is more of the crease color than of the base, stupid guys, and Clinique has a duo identical to it for half the price. There is a Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner in Elegant Taupe which is a mushroomy medium brown. This shade is very pretty and I love the formula. It goes for $26 and comes with its own sharpener.

LIPS & NAILS: There are 2 Rouge Dior Lipsticks in Actress Chestnut, a warm rosey brown,  and Rita Beige, a rosey copper. These retail for $28. I’m not impressed with these shades at all and I do find the formula long wearing but a bit dry. Four Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect Lip Glosses have been relaunched/launched: Clutch Pink (a warm pink/rose shimmer), Ribbon Beige (warm brown shimmer), Satin Pink (cool pink shimmer), and Trenchcoat Beige (pinky nude shimmer). These go for $25.50 and I must admit that I like the formula but I am not wild about these boring shades. For the nails, there is a Vernis Nail Enamel in Porcelain which is a super sheer everyday pink shimmer.

But, yep, all I have to say is that this collection is a bit tame and boring. If the colors sell out, so be it, they offer these shades all the time. You can find these shades anywhere.

I’m not a “bag” person. I’m not a purse fanatic and I rarely swoon over these type of leather goods. This doesn’t mean I don’t want a nice bag. I just don’t want hundreds of them and I hate shopping for them. I’m still searching for that perfect purse but until then I’m carrying around a canvas Bauhaus bag. Unfortunately, I love makeup so I’m not immune to these bag fetishes. Thanks, Dior.

Dior One-Colour Mono Eyeshadows are inspired by the beautiful Dior “cannage” patterns used on their leather bags. Even for a bag nihilist, I see that these Dior Cannage bags are lovely. I hate the price of them, so I’ll settle for an eyeshadow or two. The pigment in these shadows is worth noting. The colors are very true and nice. (This isn’t always the case when considering the multi eyeshadow compacts.) Most of the shades are super shimmery. My favorite shade is the one pictured above which is Amber Plum which is a deeper plum loaded with gold shimmer. It is a lovely fall/winter shade. I love to wear it with Million Dollar Gold which is a true shimmering golden bronze. Other great pairings are Green Tropic, a shimmery lime, Sunny Turquoise, a shimmering turquoise loaded with gold shimmer, and Metallic Blue which is a royal blue shimmer. I like to wear Green Tropic up to the crease, blend Sunny Turquoise in the crease and line the eyes with Metallic Blue for a mermaid inspired look. The perfect classic smoky eye combo is to wear Icy White, a super shimmery white, all over the lid. Use Silver Dust which is a shimmery gunmetal in the crease. Line eyes and blend with Smoking Black which is a midnight black. A simple “everyday” pairing is to wear Ready-to-Beige which is a champagne shimmer all over the lid. Blend Flirty Brown, a matte taupe into the crease. I also like to pair Brown Sequins, a shimmery bronze-ish gold with Khakis, an olive green shimmer. It’s simple and looks awesome on redheads.

The Inspiration

The other shades in the collection are Blooming Pink which is a shimmering nude pink pearl, Terra Sienna which is a dark matte brown, and Spicy Brown which is a super shimmery bronze. These retail for $24.50.