Demeter Vanilla Ice Cream Sweet Delights Pick-Me-Up Fragrance Spray Cologne is a sweet mess. It isn’t what I expected. I wanted something that resembled more of a vanilla bean with a hint of cool, icy ozone. Instead this is more like cheap cooking grade synthetic vanilla extract mixed with egg yolks and tons of sugar. It does not smell cool. I mean yeah, I was expecting something foodie but not like this. This is more like sugar cookie dough. It smells like wet batter and not frozen sweet cream. It comes across like a seasonal Yankee Candle also. It is a bit too sweet and buttery and egg-ish to be ice cream. It’s like a dough or  like smelling the melting foam of something that used to be vanilla ice cream. I do mix my PMU sprays and I may try this one with a Sandalwood or Incense or I may smear amber resin on my pulse points. This may not be bad if mixed with a bit of a heady, powdery accord. The scent doesn’t linger very long on the skin, 30-45 minutes max. This is a good thing in this case since I am not wild about this even a little bit.