Yeah! It is bold and not pink! Don’t get me wrong, I like pink and it does make sense for spring but I am so tired of everybody doing that for this spring. At least Shiseido is giving me a rich lip on winter “kissed” skin. Winter usually offers all of the “holiday” red lip looks, but it is nice to see it carry over to spring. And somehow Dick Page has managed to make this red look look “springy”. It isn’t matte and it looks fresh with the dew drop blue lids.

EYES: They have relaunched the Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in White Lights which is a sheer and shimmery white. If you have read the previous post on this product, then you know I love this formula. It is a cream to powder shadow that never budges or creases and has lots of shimmer. It retails for $24. There is also a relaunch of the Accentuating Creamy Eyeliner in Black. This product is easy to use and comes with its own little brush. It creates a classic cateye and goes for $26. Once again, I like this product but I like cheaper ones too. The model is getting her “blue” makeup look by lining with the cream liner and then layering over it with the White Lights Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow. It creates a nice water colored effect. And they’ve relaunched their Advanced Volume Mascara. I’ve never used it so I have no opinion.

LIPS: The Perfect Rouge Lipstick has been launched. It is supposed to be a comfortable, full color, moisturizing lipstick. It is pretty nice, but it does have a $25 price tag and I am finding drugstore lipsticks that I like better. It comes in many nice shades. I personally love Valentine (bright red) and Day Lily (bright orange) for spring and summer. There is the Smoothing Lip Pencil and it retails for $20. It is a nice long wearing lip pencil that you have to sharpen. I like the formula but once again I like some cheaper formulas too. It comes in many shades and Siren is a nice red. I love a red lip liner.

FACE: They have relaunched The Accentuating Color Stick in Champagne which is a nice pearly pink shimmer highlighter. I have this product and love it. It is smooth and finishes like a powder but doesn’t look dry. It looks great on the cheeks, down the nose, on the eyes, and even on the lips. It retails for $33.

I like the look. I’m not going to rush out to buy any of the products because I either have it or have stuff like it. But, I do like the look. It is a fresh red lip look without being too glossy. It’s a nice transition from winter to summer.

OK, so the look is really 80’s, for some reason Shiseido has really been into that lately. I think it is fun but I know this collection isn’t for everyone. Plus, I lived through the 80’s to idolize this type of makeup worn by my hero, Jem. I lived through it but not like my mother did who cringes everytime she sees purple frosty shadow. Not everyone wants to be a monochrome berry. I understand that. Regardless, Shiseido is a wonderful makeup line that offers a lot of amazing products.

EYES: Eye Shadow Quads are featured in Rose Tones which is what the model is wearing and Wood Tones. These are powder eyeshadows. I haven’t had the best luck with these. I find them a little to “powdery”. Some of the colors are chock full of pigment and the others are lacking. Just because these don’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for everyone. Rose Tones features shimmery nudes, plums and violets. Wood Tones features shimmery browns and golds. These retail for $35.

CHEEKS & LIPS: Accentuating Color Stick – I have wrote about these in a previous post about cream blush sticks. This is one of my favorite cream blush formulas. It dries to a powdery finish, feels lightweight and is so easy to blend. The color that is the star of this collection is Champagne Flush which is a lovely pale pink nude shimmer highlighter. It looks great on the face, eyes and lips. Sells for $32. I love it so much I bought one. The Accentuating Powder Blush is an OK formula in my book. I find it very sheer and great for those a little timid of cheek color. I’m not timid, so I haven’t went nuts for these. The color that is the “showstopper” is Playful Pink which is a medium pink shade.  This goes for $28. They’ve relaunched the Automatic Lip Crayon. I love this stuff. It is well, a crayon, but it never needs sharpened like other lip crayons because it is automatic. It is glossy, smooth and lasts a long time. It can be used as a liner and lip color. You’ll always have a lip color and lip liner that match! The colors are Chic Rose, Red Lady, Pale Violet, Ripe Deep Berry, and Terracotta. My favorites are Red Lady, a true classic red, and Ripe Deep Berry which is a deep, ripe berry just like its name states. These retail for $22. The Lip Gloss shades that are featured are Mellow Gold, a sheer pale gold shimmer,  and Polished Pearl, a pale pearly white shimmer,  to add dimension to the lips. I love Shiseido lip glosses because they are so true to color and wear a long time. This means that they are thick by some people’s standards. These go for $20.50.

FACE: Shiseido has introduced Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation, personally, I have not tried this because it isn’t designed for my needs. I use Shiseido foundation daily and love their products. This foundation comes in a compact. It provides medium coverage for drier skin types. It has an SPF 15 and micro powders to smooth skin. It feels really great, but was too heavy for me to give a try. It retails for $30 and the case is sold separately.  The case is $9. They have relaunched the Multi-Shade Enhancer Powder. It sells for $25 and the case for $7.50. It provides  a soft shimmery bronze.

Overall, the color collection really smacks the color onto lips and eyes. The colors are very berry. The shimmer adds softness to the lips, cheeks, etc. I like it, I don’t love it. It’s a very “cool” tone collection and not for everyone. I love their Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow which they have left out of this collection. I’ll have to review those soon.

Fall 2008 Jem Color Collection

Fall 2008 Jem Color Collection

Everyone else is doing shimmer this fall but not Clinique. I like matte formulas because they can add more dimension than a shimmer, are great for all ages, and typically provide more pigment. Plus, matte styles fit in more with my choice of vintage styles. Clinique Modern Matte Autumn 2008 Color Collection launch really isn’t that exciting but it is very wearable. It is perfect for more reserved work environments but still carries a punch. The Clinique website says, “Velvety rich meets fine-powder finishes for a matte like nothing you remember.” Well, if you are over the age of 18 then you’ll remember that it was hard to find a matte sans the cakey, clumpy, hard to blend mess. This collection is different. It is smooth and easy to wear.

EYES: They have relaunched High Impact Mascara in Black. I have used this formula before and really wasn’t wowed. It does a great job of being a basic lengthening, darkening and thickening mascara. I still haven’t found my HG mascara but that is a story for a different day. Sells for $14. Next,  the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Stay Matte. This is a true matte eyeshadow formula that is long-wearing and packs a pretty decent pigment. It retails for $14 and you get a pretty generous amount of shadow. The color range is very neutral which means it provides browns, nudes and a few violets. The colors I like are French Vanilla which is a pale nude and everyone needs one without shimmer. I like Night Plum which is a darker smoky plum that looks awesome in the crease. Slate is a smoky gray that adds depth and dimension when layered over mattes or shimmers. Midnight is a deep smoky black with a tinge of gray that is a must for everyone. You can use this as liner, with smoky eyes or for extra drama. It is a great brow powder too. The other shades are Dark Denim, Stone Violet, Martini, Chocolate Chip, and Sable.

LIPS & CHEEKS: There is the High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 which claims to wear for 8 hours. It wore for a longer than average time but not 8 hours for me. It isn’t as dry as most long-wearing lipsticks. It comes in 20 shades. There is a shade for everyone but of course I like the brighter ones. I like Sassy Spice (which Spice Girl was that?), it is a chili red with a hint of orange. The others that stand out are Peach Pop which is a bright coral, Go Fig which is a nude with a hint of pink perfect for smoky looks, Extreme Pink which is a bright Bubble Yum pink, and In A Nutshell which is a nude with a hint of peach. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a plum that I liked. These sell for $14. These lipsticks are to be paired with the new Defining Liner for Lips which is a creamy long-wearing lip liner pencil with a built in sharpener. I like Pomegranate which is a medium mauve, Nudey which is a pure nude, and Plush Pink which is a light nude pink. The other colors are Soft Plum, Sugared Fig, Red-y Or Not, Berry Nude and Cider. Price on these are $14. There is the new Blushwear Cream Stick which I have already reviewed in my cream blush stick entry. These are a cream-to-powder finish that looks natural and are very blendable. They are oil-free and are a keeper. They come in Glow Blush, Peachy Blush, Rosy Blush, Very Blush, and Shy Blush. These retail for $18.50.

Well, that’s the collection. It is kind of small but they release a ton of product formulas at once. My favorite thing is the Blushwear Cream Stick. (I’ve mentioned this before.) The collection doesn’t have a limited edition item that you should run out and get because it is a “collectible”. This collection offers the stuff to run out and get because you ran out of something like it or you want to update your everyday look wardrobe or you just need the basics. I like it because it is a Color Collection that doesn’t focus on a color but a texture. You’ll find a color that works for you. Not something that looks great on a few people and comes in a lovely package. I also want to add that the model’s look is horrible and I can’t believe it made it through the final cut. She looks too made up and really “dry” which this collection is not. Her skin looks thirsty and flaky. Sorry, I had to bring this up because the ad grosses me out so. This picture looks like it was savaged from a Spring 1992 McCall’s magazine. That isn’t a very “modern matte” image.