Sometimes I just get in a rosy mood. I just want rose scented everything. Luckily, there are many options out there. These are just a few of my favorites. If I had to narrow it down to my top 5…I would have to choose the items I keep repurchasing: Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Benefit Benetint, Fresh Rose Face Mask, Dr. Hunter’s Hand Creme, and Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. I love so many rose fragrances but I don’t run out of them too often since I can be embalmed in my current fragrance collection.

I don’t associate rose scent as grandmotherly. My grandmothers wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Not very rosy items. I just love rose. I love to smell them when they first bloom. They really represent nice, mild weather to me. Which is nice because the roses outside of the window completely opened up this morning. Time to open up that window.

As you know by now, lip plumpers aren’t working unless they are burning the daylights out of your lips. I feel they are so popular, well other than the fantastic claim, but I feel they are popular because women love to feel pain for cosmetic reasons. We like the reminder that something is uncomfortable because it reminds us of how “sexy” we are. That is why we continue to wear 6 inch wood heeled pumps, thongs, and strapless bras. It (the pain) will be on our minds more reminding us that we are damn sexy. Anyways, lip plumpers are one of those things. I have big lips and I still fall for and buy lip plumper. Other than being stupid, I just like the pain. It is simple as that. I feel like, “geez, this is really working”. The Borghese Lip Plumper is OK. It is clear and not too shiny. It burns. For some reason it burns more than Duwop or Too Faced on me. So, in my mind it is really working. So it contains all of those irritating ingredients. That isn’t too special. The price is expensive at $31.50 a tube. It can be picked up on It does plump up the lips and makes them have a bit more “color”. It plumps out the lines on the lips and makes them look so smooth. Other products can be layered over this. It isn’t sooo glossy. I feel like my lips keep the “plump” for hours, so there is no need to keep torturing yourself.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while. When I first exposed to Lancome’s 2008 Fall Color Story I was so excited. It was so warm and was a great transition of summer into fall. The colors are rich and shimmery and the Poudre Elephant Teint Bronzer is so freak’n cute. I am very happy to see a woman of color as the model and that the actual color story relaunches and displays rich level IV and V skin products in Sable and Seude. So at first impression I was happy and wanted it all. I let a week or two set in and then when I looked at the story again, it seemed boring and like the same ole crap. At the time of looking back, I was sick of golds. I remembered that I am pale and I want to wear sickly dark berry lipstick for fall and I want pewter.  Now, while writing this and looking back I like the collection again and feel it is very mainstream which isn’t so bad. Remember last years gothic inspired one with the toadstool and double liners and witchcrafty compact. I loved that one!

FACE: It features the new Poudre Elephant Teint Bronzer Powder Sun of India in Sunny Manorama. And yes that is its full name. It’s very cute and super shimmery. The India theme is a bit of a rip off of Guerlain’s summer bronzers of this year. But, these look nothing like each other. Frankly, this is too pretty to use and will look nasty after a while because everything is so topical. This is why I have not purchased this.There is a Blush Subtil in Bombay Glow which is a nude shimmer and Shimmer Violet Sunrise which is a shimmery cool violet pink. They’ve introduced Le Base Pro which is an overpriced oil free makeup primer. It’s $42. It’s nice but there are better ones on the market for a better price. Plus, shouldn’t a good foundation not need a primer?

EYES: There’s two new eyeshadow quads in Lotus Splendor which features the warm shimmery golds, berry, white highlighter and smoky black. There’s the cool Secrets of Benghal which is berry inspired. Both are in a shiny gold compact that will surely flake and look gross after awhile in the makeup bag.There are Le Crayon Khol Kajal in Amber Night- a rich shimmery amber, India Ink- a deep blue-ish black, and Smoky Henna – a smoky forest green. These are very nice in my opinion and should be permanent.

LIPS: There are the Colour Fever Lipsticks in Jaipur Spice – a creamy gold, Brickhouse – a rich pure brick red, and Star of India – a mucky wearable berry.  The Juicy Tubes Maharani Jewels are pretty but the new packaging resembles that of Global Goddess which is now sold at Victoria’s Secret. And I hate Victoria’s Secret. There’s Autumn Jasmine – a sweet rose, Bengali Gaze- a beautiful burgundy that is more my speed, Guava Enchantment – a delicious coral, Ginger Palace – the mandatory nude, and Mango Mystere – a rich warm red. They’ve relaunched Le Lipstique in Bronzelle, the best shade in the universe, and launched Star of India which is a little more reddish than the lipstick.

NAILS: They’ve introduced two new Vernis Magnetic which I am sure that each counter only got like two of each shade. There’s Cinnamon Plum – a perfect brown-ish red plum for fall and Saffron Rose – a sweet rose.

Overall, I approve. It’s kind of Jungle Booky and I try to ignore that. I’m just happy it isn’t Euro-centric like everything else in the media is.

Well, it’s that time of year again. (For the rest of the country it has been that time of the year again). It’s the time of the year when all of the cosmetic companies offer a new summer fragrance that is supposed to coat our tan beach bodies or at least trick us into thinking we are having a vacation. It’s a time when many companies can water down a best-selling juice hoping that the fragrance fans will purchase it. Netherless, it’s a time that I love. These are my ten recommendations for this year so far (and ok not all of them are special edition):

1. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess : This was my first purchase of the season and it sold out fast. I bought it the day it hit the streets and by the time I decided I wanted the body lotion, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not even online. The company describes it as “A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian Gardenia Petals and Coconut, warmed with Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver.” Of course, there is a ton of other notes listed, but in the long run it just smells “beachy”. It seriously smells like salt water and sand drying on a warm monoi oil body. I bought the body oil and it is to die for. This line is very similar to last year’s Tom Ford inspired, Azuree Soleil.

2. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Figue-Iris: I’ve already posted a review of this fragrance. I bought it the day it came out, unsniffed, which is typically a stupid thing to do. It wasn’t a stupid thing to do this time. I love this floraly fig fragrance. Some of the notes listed on Sephora’s site include fig, vanilla, iris, vetiver, bergamot and pink grapefruit. It is still available and is $50 for 2.5 ounces.

3. Prescriptives Calyx Shimmering Fragrance Mist: OK, so this is available all year long but it is so refreshing for the summer. The website describes this classic citrus floral as ” The top note is a profusion of grapefruit and mandarin with a tropical blend of passion fruit, mango, papaya and guava. The refreshing middle note is a bouquet of freesia, muguet, neroli, rose, lily, jasmin and marigold. The deep sensual base note is a luscious weaving of oakmoss, orris, sandalwood and vetiver.” Plus, the shimmer is lots of fun. It is $45 for 1.7 ounces.

4. Burberry Summer: This is a limited edition, meaning that you can only purchase it during the summer, but so far it keeps coming back evreytime it heats up. I really like the original and I like this summer take on the original. It is a citrusy-floral with enough wood to keep it from getting too cool. It contains citrus, green apple, water lily, freesia, rose, woods, white musk and moss. It costs $47 for 1.7 ounces.

5. Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze: I remember when the original came out and what a hit it was for Elizabeth Arden. The new one has a beautiful bottle that is very Georgia O’Keiffe. The website describes it as “Sparkling. Warm. Captivating. Sweet, sparkling fruits and delicate florals unique to the Mediterranean combine with sensual woods and addictive musks to create a scent reminiscent of a warm breeze on a summer day.” Personally, I haven’t had this experience to compare this fragrance to, I just know it smells nice. It is $47.50 for 1.7 ounces.

6. Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo Summer: I love this woody summer fragrance. Many summer fragrances want to be aquatic and citrusy. This one does a great job being very true to itself. It contains ylang-ylang, parma violet, ginger, mandarin, litchi sorbet, incense, and musk. It retails for $52 for 1.7 ounces.

7. Avon Tahitian Holiday: This one was just launched and I really like it for the price. It is a great alternative to Bronze Goddess for the money. It is a tropical floral with Tahitian tiare flower, musk and coconut. Currently it is $9.99 for 1.7 ounces but it will be $15. There is a hair refresher, shimmery body lotion and a body oil available too.

8. L’Occitane Green Tea with Mint: This unisex, herbaceous fragrance is available all year but is so refreshing when it is humid. It contains bitter orange, spearmint, cedar, and thyme. It retails for $44 for 3.4 ounces.

9. Demeter Fuzzy Naval: Demeter has tons of fragrances that are great for summer. It just depends on what summer means for you. Personally, I love Fuzzy Naval. It is my summer fruity guilty pleasure (in more than one way). It is orange and peach and smells just like the real thing. The humongous minis cost $5 for .5 ounces. The .5 spray is $12.50 and the full-size 1 ounce spray is $20.

10. Yves Rocher Pur Desir de Fleur d’Oranger, Orange Blossom: This is a nice refreshing citrus that reminds me of those cool Arab drinks. It smells like its namesake. It is usually $19.50 for 2.0 ounces but is on sale all the time. Currently it is $11. It also has a deodorant stick, lotion and shower gel available with this fragrance.

There are many more. But, these are my favs. It’s finally getting warm enough here to think about these things. Yesterday, we were bombarded by 85 degree weather in the house and my lipsticks started to melt and we thought something was wrong with the central air, then we found out there is no central air here. Nobody has it. It was 90 degrees and nobody has air. So we had to go out and buy lots of fans. Everyone was buying lots of fans. It was so weird.knit bikini This is the kind of bikini you have to wear in cold Pacific Northwest ocean water.

I typically like Benefit cosmetics for their kitschy take on things but when I saw b spot perfume for the first time I didn’t laugh. I don’t know why, I guess I felt like the company was being really desperate. It seems that it lost any of the sexiness that it was trying to provide and went all Hustler or even worse Victoria’s Secret on me. It is kind of creepy thinking about those two twins making jokes of  ladies’ g spots and wanting to make a buck or two off of this erogenous zone; however, Cosmo has been doing this for years, issue after issue, so what does it matter?

I am a big fan of Maybe Baby. It got me through a few good years of college and the early years of my marriage. It smells absolutely feminine and is very reasonably priced. It is about time Benefit launched a new liquid. The description of b spot on the website is so lame that you’ll laugh out loud.

“Every gal’s got one (a few, actually)… b spots, that is. Awaken your most seductive pulse points with this new fragrance from Benefit. It’s a sexy combo of lush mango; faster, faster, freesia; provocative peony & steamy sandalwood… and don’t forget to shake, shake, shake your amber, baby!”

Lame it is, but not so terrible, but not so great. It’s a pretty typical fruity-floral, but wait it has aquatic notes! The top note and initial spritz a nose numbing mango accord that manages to smell good but almost ammonia-ish too. It is followed by aquatic and floral notes giving it a nice “it just rained in the flower garden” feel. I didn’t smell a real peony, just a synthetic “girl” peony that conjures up everything pink. This all happens very fast (maybe that is where the faster, faster line comes in). It does dry down to an earthy, powdery sandalwood and amber that will linger on the skin. For some reason my husband really liked this fragrance. Maybe it is because the blotter card resembles those nudey truck flap babes. I didn’t dislike the fragrance, nor did I love it.  I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but if my husband bought it I would wear it. The price isn’t bad either at $38 for 1.7 ounces. It can be purchased at Benefit.

The packaging is a weak stab at burlesque and could of been better. If you’re trying to be raunchy just add some tassles. I do like the packaging better than Maybe Baby’s because it is easier to hold. The box matches the bottle and has chicks kicking up and swinging body parts everywhere. Also, the company includes a “body map” to help you find your b spot in case you’re such a prude you don’t know where to spritz your perfume…

Oh and if anybody wants to know, the website says my b spot is on the back of my neck.