Weekly Cheap Secret:

OK, so I purchased this because Ellen DeGeneres is the face for this product line. Well, that was one reason. The other: I have been looking for a concealer to love. Currently, I have been using MAC Studio Finish Concealer with SPF 35. I have not been impressed with the MAC concealer to cover dark circles. It’s too thick and I have to mix it with Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch to make the MAC concealer smoother and more manageable. (I miss Prescriptives.) Anyways, I thought I would give this Covergirl concealer a try. Ellen made me buy it.

Here’s what I’m looking for: a creamy, easy to smooth concealer to use under my eyes to cover up both redness and darkness. I’m in my mid-20’s, no real lines yet, and I am light with yellow/jaundice undertones.

The consistency of this product is so smooth. I purchased the Corrector to use as a  concealer since my complexion is exactly this color. The others available were all wrong. I think this is supposed to be a 2-in-1 product but I don’t get it. It isn’t a substitute for eye cream. It really is a “swirled” product with Olay added?  In the pot the texture is very nice, it looks dewy and the color is perfect. On my skin, the formula looks less dewy, too dry for my tastes. Since the color is perfect for me, it does cover up discolorations well. I feel this stuff shows more “lines” on me. It isn’t that it settles in the lines. It is that it doesn’t. It settles around them, leaving me with little blue-ish fine lines. That is annoying.  At first I thought I was using too much. I don’t think I am. I think it is doing that line thing after hours of wear. It’s a shame because I do find it a nice consistency and color. I just wish it was dewier and wore longer.

I’m still using this stuff so it isn’t terrible. I’m using it because my eye area looks better with it than without it. It just isn’t fitting my needs. I think I may be too picky when it comes to concealer. I think I can find something wrong with any formula by any brand. I do like this much better than using the MAC concealer alone. The MAC stuff makes my under eye area look terrible (and adds years)  if used alone. I also don’t love the MAC when mixed with the Clarins. So for now, I am using this Covergirl product until I find something I like better. I may use the entire jar. I may not. I just don’t think I will repurchase. Also, I need to state that I am using the Corrector. Does it even feel the same as the Concealers in the line? And maybe I’m getting the lines because I’m not using a concealer over it?

Retails for about $10.99. That isn’t super cheap for a drugstore product. But, it is cheaper than department stores. The MAC I used was about $16.50 + I was using the Clarins product. The Covergirl tub is quite generous, much larger than the MAC pot. Plus, if you shop around you’ll find coupons or BOGO. So, yeah, it doesn’t do what it claims to do, but it isn’t awful. I’ve used worse. It is available at drugstore.com.

Great pic from Vampy Varnish

Great pic from vampyvarnish.com.

Weekly Cheap Secret:

Dark nail polish is a must have for a closet goth like myself. I love the shade of Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Deliciously Dark. There are many colors out there like this one, but this one retails for under $3.50. This is a great drugstore nail product. It looks much more shimmery grape popsicle purple on Rimmel’s website, so I took this pic from a great blog that recommended this product: www.vampyvarnish.com. This blogger’s pics are really good and really represent the nail polish colors. (I highly recommend visiting the site before you purchase any nail color). Plus… by the time I take a pic of mine, they are chipped and so abused. It’s just too embarrassing. My cuticles would never forgive me.

Anyways, Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish dried in a short time. This is a must for somebody like me. I don’t have time to wait for my nails to dry and nothing gets to me more than smudged nail color. I would say that I was able to go back to being my old self in 3 minutes. The color took 2 coats to look as dark as Vampy Varnish’s. It came out as a satin blackberry jam shade. Like I said, there are many shades out their like this one, but this is pretty darn cheap. The brush was OK and the formula was thin but not watery. That is why it takes 2-3 coats to get a nice deep shade. It wore nicely on my finger tips for about 2 days. This is a record for me. My nail color chips in like 2 hours because I am too lazy to apply top coats, etc. And I don’t have a dishwasher, wash my hands frequently, and wear latex gloves throughout the day. I know that it sounds like this product doesn’t “last” very long but it has lasted longer than the Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Dior that I have used in the past.

So, this is a color and a product that I like. I haven’t tried other colors in the line. I know that this is one is nice for the money. The shade is lovely and a nice alternative to black. It is such a vampy, film-noir shade. This product is available at drugstores all over the place.

So Irresistible

So Irresistible

First of all I need to state that I am a sucker for packaging. Especially vintage inspired packaging because I have a weird obsession with all things old. I really have a hard time connecting with my generation and hold onto vintage things even cutesy Benefit packaging. So, that is what really motivated me to purchase a tin of $30 body balm. Luckily, the actual product is awesome and I love it.

Benefit Body So Fine is a lightly scented velvety body balm that comes in an adorable “boudoir” inspired pink tin with a little black Bathina puff. It looks amazing in my “boudoir” that my poor husband has to share with me. Ignore the complaints on makeupalley.com, I have absolutely no complaints of this product. Of course I am the type of gal that on my days off wears red lipstick and false eyelashes even though I may or may not leave the house. I believe you must always look drop-dead gorgeous. Some people dislike the fragrance, which I expect, we are all very different. The people that dislike it describe it as smelling “old”. First of all these are the people that like to smell like Victoria’s Secret body spray, I don’t. I wear Guerlain Jicky and Pigeut Fracas, now that is old. Body So Fine smells exactly like Benefit’s Maybe Baby in my opinion ( a very new smelling fragrance). It is a light “tumbling” floral with a hint of apricot. Benefit claims it is an aphrodisiac. I’d believe that. My husband loves it. It just smells feminine and not too complicated for “man” noses. It isn’t loud and works well with other scents, even patchouli. Second complaint others had was with the black puff. They said it got all icky and clumpy with the balm. I have used this everyday for quit sometime (over a month) and my puff is smooth, yes stained with the balm but do I care? No. This stuff feels like silk on the skin. It is smooth and moisturizing. A little goes a long way. It adds a very faint glimmer that is the ultimate in sexy. The best way that I can describe it, is that it makes you look like you are wearing hose but your not. It’s a great alternative for itchy hose. If you are feeling “blah” and wear this, I guarantee it will pick you up. You could be wearing sweats and feel like the ultimate in sexy lady with this stuff smeared on your decollete. And isn’t that what feeling simply irresistible is about?