This spring is all about the pink. Seriously. I feel like every makeup company has pulled the pink shtick. If pink is your color then buy up. If not, then turn your head and wait for fall. Clinique First Blush is super girly and pink. It is all about flowers and blooms. I actually like it on the model above. It is very pretty, if only it could look this nice on me…

FACE: The Quick Blushes have been relaunched. They retail for$21.50. I am not wild about these despite their Ok shades. I think it is silly to pay for a brush product like this. Invest in a nice brush and any blush. Blush you can clean your brush with ease. Seriously it isn’t that much easier to apply your blush with such a silly product? If you want blush on the go sans brush go for a cream blush. You can apply that stuff on mass transit with no problems..

EYES: There are four limited edition Eye Shadows. The packaging is beautiful. It contains two powder eyeshadows in a very beautiful pressed flower. It is almost too pretty to use. Looks like the floral face compacts. The colors include Apple Blossom which is a soft green duo, Cherry Blossom which is the pretty pink on the model above, Tiger Lily which is a peachy bronze, and Maple Blossom which is a cool taupey shimmer. These retail for $16.50. I really like Maple Blossom and Apple Blossom. Those could easily become my everyday shades. The Quickliner Eye Liners in Relly Black and Smoky Brown have been relaunched. This is a nice formula that retails for $14.50. No tugging! High Impact Curling Mascara has been launched. I have not tried this item. It retails for $14. The original High Impact wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t too bad.

LIPS: Two Quickliner for Lips have been launched: Cocoa Rose and Lipblush. Both are really neutral and retail for $16.50. Four Longwear Glosswear Lip Glosses have been relaunched/launched. There is First Blush which is a warm, ligh pink, Honey Shimmer which is a vivid violet that is still very sheer, Whisper which is a barely there shimmer, and Air Kiss which is a super sheer pink shimmer. These retail for $14. For some reason I keep reaching for Air Kiss. It looks nice over other colors.

They have also introduce a special packaging of Happy in Bloom. For a Happy fragrance, this one isn’t too bad. I can tolerate. It’s not the best fragrance in the world but if I had to choose to wear a Happy fragrance this would be the one. It is super floral and very spring. Remember that I said if I had to.

Overall, the stars are the limited edition eyeshadows. The price is nice for a duo and they are so attractive. I try not to fall for packaging but it is hard not to. Plus, the colors are very wearable despite the pionk capaign. I believe that there is something for everyone in this collection, because keeping to true Clinique fashion, everything is very neutral.

After many years of mascara usage I have finally came to the conclusion that I really do not look good in volumizing mascara. Don’t get me wrong. I love a heavy handed mascara application, it gives just enough of a trashy look but I’m not wild about “mascara”. For years, I have been searching for that perfect one. I even tried and online dating services but they had nothing to offer me either. I’ve finally learned that I am a false lashes kind of girl. If I want extreme long clump-free lashes then I must apply the strip. There is no getting around it. Final.

Anyways, I have been using Clinique High Impact Volume Mascara in black. (You see, it came in a gift or something.) It does not flake or irritate my eyes or anything like that. It just makes my lashes look like they are wearing mascara. There are clumps and my lashes appear shorter. The weight of the mascara really drag my lashes down even after curling. The brush is flipping huge. I like stab my pupil daily with this massive brush. I know that people that love volumizing mascara are all into size. They love a big fat brush. This is one of the many reasons why I disliked Diorshow. I’m not dissing this mascara. It is OK, I guess if you like volumizing mascara. But, I don’t and suggest if you like volumizing mascara then don’t take advice from me. I’m back to hitting the adhesive.