Self tanner is a ruff topic to bring up. People usually hate it and if they like it they are neurotic. Seriously, they are crazy. They think it will make them tan and even and airbrushed like some babe in a Dolce and Gabbana ad. It is wild. They think that something will pretty much stain their skin without darkening moles, freckles, and/or age spots, will look like the natural tan that they had from when they were like 7. They think it won’t streak and that it will fade evenly. They’re nuts and nothing will ever please them. Everything “stinks” or makes them turn “orange” or is too “light” while still being too “dark”. If you aren’t one of these irrational self tanner buyers then please continue reading this. Self tanner will not make you look like a starlette on Univision if you are paler not a starlette on Univision. It will darken those freckles you hate and it will rub off strangely. It will most likely stain your fingertips and make you smell like a wet dog. That said, I’m ready to review this item.

I went through a self tanner stage. I painted myself and hoped that nobody would point out all the obvious mistakes.I tried many brands and I fell madly in love with Clarins. It was the color that I tanned. It wasn’t drastic and it had a warm undertone that wasn’t a bit orange. It smelled nice too. I used the orginal Liquid Bronze and it was very light and added warmth just like an awesome bronzing powder. It was so light you didn’t notice when it faded and I applied it about twice weekly. Then I quit. That is the great thing about that product, you could use it and stop and it doesn’t look drastic. I was a bit darker when this Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint came out. I wanted to try it. It is that old school flash bronzing. It is a liquid and I think you can stain unfinished wood furniture with it. It is a thin liquid that is the color of mahogany. You must apply it with a cotton unless you want to look like you are a zebra. It is the consistency of water. The scent is OK, not as milky and rich as the original liquid bronze. This is a bit more floral but not skanky or a bit like a wet dog. The color is really rich. One “coat” a week is enough unless you are very dark. I’ve had darker, Italian and Middle Eastern heritage friends love this stuff. But, I thought they were dark anyways so why were they going for this? Anyways, This isn’t as fool-proof and it will turn you orange and stripey. I like to apply it with a cotton ball, then wipe with a clean, dry cotton ball around the edges and where the sun wouldn’t naturally hit for a more realistic look. It really made my eyes pop and for a darker tan this wasn’t so bad. It hung around my neck a little too long but my shirt typically covered that up. I like it but for $29, I like the other one better. I’ll never be naturally dark enough for this formula and I love the creamy milky formula of the other. If you want to paint on a drastic tan like Verushka here, then go for this. You will be darker and you will see a big difference. Keep in mind, just like hair color, a big difference is a lot of work.