Tocca Florence Laundry Delicate Fabric Wash is a nice luxury in my life. It is a small bottle of laundry wash (8 oz.). I use a tiny capful to wash hosiery, undergarments, silk items, and sweaters. Sometimes I hand wash. Other times I use the machine. The wash does a good job as a detergent on these delicate items. I hang them up to dry on an antique drying rack in the boudoir to dry and the fragrance lingers in the little pink room.

I really wanted Touch but it was sold out. So, I went for Florence since I want my feminine things to smell of flowers. The fragrance is definitely not as strong as the EDPs or the other Florence scented items in the Tocca family. This aroma is gentle. It is a light powdery floral. I smell rose and iris. It’s a nice scent for my laundry. The fragrance left isn’t too strong after the items air-dry. It is left with a delicate aroma. I find that sweaters hold the scent the longest. I’m not disappointed by this since I wear a different fragrance like everyday. I don’t want my laundry interfering with my fragrance choices. I don’t know if I’ll repurchase Florence. I want Touch and I would like to try Stella (especially if it smells like lilies).

A bottle retails for $15. It usually lasts me about 4-6 months since I use such a stingy amount. It is available at

Donna Karan has released a fragranced body powder in the Cashmere Mist fragrance. The powder comes in a large pressed powder compact with a kabuki brush. The powder is fragrant and contains bits of warm shimmer. I’m very excited about this product. I am not a Cashmere Mist fan. It isn’t that I dislike the fragrance, I just don’t feel it is very “me”. It is pretty good for such a popular fragrance. It wears closely to the skin and smells so warm. I love to smell it in the winter and fall. It is warm and cozy just like a cashmere sweater. I think I can wear it in the powder form. Plus, I love body powder and I am a sucker for shimmer.

It retails for $48 and can be purchased on

This is my favorite Donna Karan cashmere sweater ever.

This is my favorite Donna Karan cashmere sweater ever.