I thought I’d give i Profumi di Firenze Fiori del Cielo a try. I wasn’t wowed nor did I despise it. With a name like “Flowers From Heaven” you really expect a whole lot. This is where they shot themselves in the foot in my opinion. These are hand crafted from Italian tradition. It is supposed to represent a lovely spring bouquet of iris, narcissus, anemone, and cyclamen. It is inspired by “the natural beauty of Florence”. I love iris fragrances. I really do like this fragrance. I was wanting to love it but I’m not there. It has the crispness of iris in the initial spritz. It is fresh and green but almost aquatic at times. So it does have a fresh rain element. Which is nice because it is trying to resemble Florence’s flowers after the rain. The scent is a very updated scent of classic iris based fragrances. It is crisp and almost grape like at times. I love the smell until is dries down. It just doesn’t work for me. It starts to smell like dried flowers and not like the crisp notes that were there before. I also felt like this one didn’t last on me. It only lasted a few hours before I grew numb to it. It isn’t a horrible fragrance and it is worth testing. I think I am going to test it again. It just isn’t something that I keep sniffing because I love it so much and it isn’t living up to the “Flowers From Heaven” name. But it does smell expensive and not “cheap”. I’ll give it another shot maybe when the weather warms up. Maybe I’ll love it in the spring. I’ve been stuck in the snow for a week. You would think any floral would “wow” my mind when I have cabin fever and a longing for spring.

It retails for $89 for 50 ml and is available at beautyhabit.com and barneys.com.

Carthusia i Profumi di Capri is a posh Italian perfume company that makes it juice in limited quantities in the same tradition that Carthusian monks used in the 1380’s. Each product uses nice ingredients and is “hand-wrapped”. It’s website is in Italian and translates poorly so this is about all I have.

Lately, my husband has been wearing the eau de parfum spray of Carthusia Uomo. It is “dedicated to a fascinating and refined man.” I guess that is him, even though he is a bit rough around the edges. It is described as a “fresh scent, made from citrus notes blended with wild rosewood in an irresistible woody-marine harmony. A light, timeless men’s fragrance.” It is very fresh and “aquatic” without being obnoxious or too “sporty” like most popular men’s fragrance. The initial spritz of this fragrance is citrusy and herbaceous. I smell citrus zest and rugged rosemary. This is fresh and sophisticated. What stands out the most to me is the rosewood, it is so smooth and woodsy and warm. Somehow this fragrance manages to remind me of rotting wooden ships floating on fresh sea water. It conjures up barnacles and a day at the dock. Granted it is fresher smelling than most docks, but it still has this sailing island quality to it. It is a nicely crafted fragrance that is fairly simple in theme but complex. My husband loves it and so do I. It smells wonderful on his skin, it smells “young” without going Axe-ish or Aqua di Gio. However, my husband complains about the lasting power of this fragrance. It is an EDP and in my opinion it does vanish fairly quickly considering the price and the ingredients. Of course we are both used to stronger fragrances and we both wear scents for ourselves and expect to smell it on us on all day. I guess like so many “marine” fragrances, it doesn’t hold well and is very light. At least my husband can’t over do it while wearing this and go all disco gigolo like he usually does. He is a fan of pure fragrance oils and Dior Fahrenheit.

Overall, this is a refreshing yet posh scent with light staying power. It is great for summer. It retails for $85 for the 50ml and $120 for the 100ml. You can purchase it at beautyhabit.com.

I have been in a “figgy” mood lately and have been on a search for the most perfect fig scents. Maybe I am a little homesick thinking of huge ripe green figs hitting the ground to land on the hot red Georgia soil. I am a fig nut. I love them. The thing I am finding out about fig fragrances are that they are more of a “fantasy” scent made by perfumers. Which is fine with me if it doesn’t smell just like a fresh fig. I find myself liking the fig “idea” and the aroma that perfume manufactures have made based on the overall interpretation of fig.

I think that L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier is gorgeous. It is what I was looking for. It’s like my homesickness, it is actually prettier than the fig itself. I miss the “idea” of the South, not actually the South. When I smell Premier Figuier it is beautiful, more so than the actual figs that I bought at the store. The company describes their scent as “conjuring up an image of the entire tree.” And it succeeds. The initial spritz is fresh, green, leafy. It is playing in the trees when their is no fruit present. Then the fruit happens and it ripens. The fruit is thick, milky and ready to eat. It smells rich but still green. The middle notes are the harvest. It is “heavy” like a ripe fig ready to hit the ground. It is made more robust by almond milk and a hint of milky coconut water. Making it the harvest, grilled figs or fig jam. Finally, it dries down to a woodsy, earthy scent with enough fig to make it special. It is the cooler months when there is nothing on the tree but the bark. It feels warm and inviting even though there isn’t anything there to make it special. You just know that it is. It is warmed by sandalwood and it wears closely to the skin. It feels like it is apart of you, like the memories of playing barefoot in the fig trees. It is an eau de toilette and wears for about 4/5 hours. I love it. It brings back the memories that I needed without actually being my memories. It is more romantic than being in the hot Georgia sun being attacked by fire ants and living in the Projects. It is the romantic view that my memory needs. This is a very special fragrance. It is fresh, rich, sweet and woodsy. I feel like it was made for me. The L’Artisan Parfumeur website states:

“Why Premier ? Because it is the very first perfume based on the fig theme! Green like its sweet-smelling leaves, milky like the sap of the tree, fruity like the soft flesh of the fig; woody like its branches and trunk…It is unique as it conjures up an image of the entire tree. As surprising as a first kiss, as caressing as shadows on a bright, sunny day, Premier Figuier has captured, in its bottle, a whole host of summer memories… exactly under the fig tree!”

It is so true, that is an excellent description that I can’t beat. It is all of my summer memories of childhood. It is a “fig”. I really need this scent. The 50 ml retails for $95 and the larger 100 ml for $135. The soap goes for $18, body cream is $65, shower gel is $45, and the large candle is $60 and the small candle is $20. You can get it at barneys.com or artisanparfumeur.com.

Summer memories

Summer memories