OK, I do know that I am too old for this. I mean look at it’s holographic sticker and don’t even mention the super sweet fragrance. This gloss is a basic silver white shimmer with a super strong vanilla cake batter fragrance. The gloss isn’t terrific but it is cheap. It retails for $2.89 and is available pretty much everywhere. The formula is a little too thin feeling for my taste and is a bit “slippery”. But, it isn’t goopy or sticky! This pretty much means that you have to re-apply frequently. When I say frequently, I mean all of the time. I like to wear it over lipstains and dark lipsticks for a little bit of a highlight. It is super shimmery and shiny. It has a sponge doe foot applicator. It isn’t the best lip gloss on the market but the flavor is fun. I understand why little gals love it so. Plus, little gals have time to reapply this stuff. I don’t think I will repurchase unless I get a wicked sweet tooth or something.

Lip Smackers Inspiration

Lip Smacker's Inspiration