I typically like Benefit cosmetics for their kitschy take on things but when I saw b spot perfume for the first time I didn’t laugh. I don’t know why, I guess I felt like the company was being really desperate. It seems that it lost any of the sexiness that it was trying to provide and went all Hustler or even worse Victoria’s Secret on me. It is kind of creepy thinking about those two twins making jokes of  ladies’ g spots and wanting to make a buck or two off of this erogenous zone; however, Cosmo has been doing this for years, issue after issue, so what does it matter?

I am a big fan of Maybe Baby. It got me through a few good years of college and the early years of my marriage. It smells absolutely feminine and is very reasonably priced. It is about time Benefit launched a new liquid. The description of b spot on the website is so lame that you’ll laugh out loud.

“Every gal’s got one (a few, actually)… b spots, that is. Awaken your most seductive pulse points with this new fragrance from Benefit. It’s a sexy combo of lush mango; faster, faster, freesia; provocative peony & steamy sandalwood… and don’t forget to shake, shake, shake your amber, baby!”

Lame it is, but not so terrible, but not so great. It’s a pretty typical fruity-floral, but wait it has aquatic notes! The top note and initial spritz a nose numbing mango accord that manages to smell good but almost ammonia-ish too. It is followed by aquatic and floral notes giving it a nice “it just rained in the flower garden” feel. I didn’t smell a real peony, just a synthetic “girl” peony that conjures up everything pink. This all happens very fast (maybe that is where the faster, faster line comes in). It does dry down to an earthy, powdery sandalwood and amber that will linger on the skin. For some reason my husband really liked this fragrance. Maybe it is because the blotter card resembles those nudey truck flap babes. I didn’t dislike the fragrance, nor did I love it.  I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but if my husband bought it I would wear it. The price isn’t bad either at $38 for 1.7 ounces. It can be purchased at Benefit.

The packaging is a weak stab at burlesque and could of been better. If you’re trying to be raunchy just add some tassles. I do like the packaging better than Maybe Baby’s because it is easier to hold. The box matches the bottle and has chicks kicking up and swinging body parts everywhere. Also, the company includes a “body map” to help you find your b spot in case you’re such a prude you don’t know where to spritz your perfume…

Oh and if anybody wants to know, the website says my b spot is on the back of my neck.