I am not putting these in the “weekly cheap secret” category. If you do the math, these pre-moistened pads are not a deal. They retail for $7.50 for 28 pads. I wash my face twice daily. So this tub is about 2 weeks worth. That’s about $15 a month and $180 a year. For that price, I could use any facial cleanser on the market! This is making In Fiore Cleansing Balm ($125) and Sisley ($120) look inexpensive.

This product isn’t bad. I bought it because I was going through that crazy move thing and needed something portable and “easy”, simplified. These are pre-moistened. One side of the huge pad is “soft” and the other has faint “bumps” for exfoliation. So, I felt like I was getting a portable face wash and scrub in one. And it had the Allure seal of approval. It isn’t bad. It’s a cleanser, it does its job. It removed grime and makeup but I find that I still need a toner to remove the last traces of makeup. The scent is “fresh” not soapy but “fresh”. The pads are pretty big and I’m sure if you wanted you could cut them in half to make a tub last longer.

Anyways, I’m not impressed by this product. It didn’t really do anything for my skin (no cleanser really does, they exsist to clean), it is expensive, and the pads are too big and bulky.