My Baby Boo!

I haven’t smelled these but I want this kit so bad. It is absolutely adorable and contains the scents of three of my favorite fall seasonal treats. This limited edition kit contains three 6 ounce bottles of Philosophy’s high-foaming 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. The flavors of the day are Black Licorice, Caramel Apple, and Pumpkin Spice Muffin. I love licorice and always have that flavour of Altoids in my purse. I am not a huge fan of caramel apples but I like the smell (too rough on the teeth and they smear lipstick all over my face), it brings back pleasant childhood memories. And I adore pumpkin spice muffins. I’m still working hard to rid my bod of the few I overindulged last autumn:( Plus, I’m a little bit of a closet goth so I like spooky things. It makes me think of The House On Haunted Hill.)

I’ve used Philosophy’s shower gel before and thought that it was a high quality product that was lots of fun. The scents are strong in the shower but don’t leave your skin scented like champagne or red velvet cake.They are high-foaming like they claim to be. And I’ve used them on my hair and liked the results.

This set is a limited edition for Halloween. I love fall and all the sensations that it brings. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. It retails for $30 and each fragrance is available on its own in larger bottles for $16. And I’m sure they’ll make matching limited edition lip glosses too. I can only find Caramel Apple Lip Gloss on the website. Maybe the other two flavours will show.

No! I dont want to wash my hair with that other stuff!

No! I don't want to wash my hair with that other stuff!

What have the Factors put together for us this fall? Well, it looks like smoke’n hot deep “sinful” colors and demure pale shades that juxtapose one another perfectly.  You know something that is both wicked and lovely. It’s a deep lip or smoky eye or heck, even both. The website describes it as being, “Every woman is naughty and nice, daring and demure, light-hearted and darkly alluring. For looks that are charmingly sweet, devilishly sexy, or a little bit of both, experience our Wicked Lovely Collection.” So it’s the split personality collection.  I believe that most women will but the charmingly sweet and not the darkly alluring shades but those devilishy sexy shades are the ones worth noting. The collection contains the following:

EYES: WL Cream Liner and Loose Shadow set: It contains three shimmery cream eyeliners in a pewter, antique bronze and cool, dirty taupe. The shimmer powder is a smoky pebble shade. This is a nice portable mirrored compact to create a smokey eye. It retails for $32. There are WL Eyeshadow Duo in Sexy/Demure which is a shimmery peach and shimmery deep bronzey brown that is perfect for everyday. The other is Sinful/Demure which is a pale shimmery ivory and a shimmery charcoal slate which is perfect for a smoky look. Retails for $24. They’ve relaunched the Bionic Mascara which I haven’t tried so I can’t comment on.

LIPS and CHEEKS: WL Lip Gloss in three shades. These come in an hour glass-ish package with a black tassel. I wasn’t really impressed with the packaging. It is too stripperish and is like the lip gloss equivalent of a pastie. The shades are Coy which is a sheer au naturale nude, Sweet which is a sheer warm apricot/peach, and Sultry which is a deep shimmery black cherry wine. I really like Sultry because as I have commented before I am craving those dark wine lips for fall. Each have a brush tip applicator and retail for $18. There’s the WL Lip Pencil in Tempt which is the arranged spouse for Sultry. Tempt is a deep dark cherry that retails for $16. There’s the WL Doubletake Lip Color Pencil in Gossamer which is a very pretty shade. One end is a lip liner that is a natural pinky peach and the other is a creamy lip color that is a pinky peach. It retails for $22 and looks awesome with dark eye makeup. Finally, there is the WL Blush Rush in Charm which is a beautiful natural warm light, soft pink powder blush. It adds needed softness to a strong eye or lip. It comes in a really cool compact that has a swivel mirror on the bottom. It retails for $24.

Overall, I like the collection. It has something for everyone from dark merlot lips to nude eyes or dark smoky glam eyes to peachy pink innocent lips. This color collection seems to be available everywhere: Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora and if you can’t find it at a retailer there is the Smashbox website.