I have a love/hate relationship with Bath & Body Works. First, they are so generic and are “cheap”. Second, they discontinue anything worth while. I am so mad that they are auf’ing Brown Sugar & Fig and then bringing it back. Whatever, that is a dumb move. If you wanted to get rid of some old inventory then run a sale. Third, there are so many better things on the market for the price. And finally where do they get off thinking they can put “Final product not tested on animals.” Sometimes it is just better to say nothing at all.

Anyways, there was a discount Bath and Body Works outlet near where I used to live and I’d pick things up for nothing. This is what led me to this hand soap. Aromatherapy is a catch all term for this company. Nothing smells natural at all. I wish they would just take the “aromatherapy” word off and call it “provoking a mood” fragrance. This stuff doesn’t smell “natural” at all. It isn’t a horrible smell just not what comes to mind when I think of aromatherapy. It smells very edible and the jasmine is a bit understated compared to sticky sweetness of the vanilla. The jasmine is very sweet and doesn’t smell very “real” in my opinion for an “absolute” jasmine. This stuff just smells “warm” and generically “sexy”. The fragrance does last on the skin and is okay. My husband likes it. It is better than smelling like a pearberry or some other fantasy fruit. However, I don’t think it covers up funky cooking odors that well and sure doesn’t mix well with onion or garlic. This is a washroom only fragrance in my opinion. It isn’t horrible but it isn’t my favorite hand soap fragrance. It smells “sexy” and not clean.

It lathers nicely and you get a fair amount of product for the money. It is enriched with aloe and cucumber to soothe the skin. It reatails for $6 and they run sales all the time so you can get it cheaper. It is in a cute plastic apothecary inspired pump bottle. I do like the bottle and you get a lot in it. It lathers nicely. I mean I’m not wearing it as perfume and it gets the job done.