This isn't your ex-boyfriend's Firebird.

Almost a recession really brings out some funny trends. I have talked about this before in my Dior Dandy Color Collection review. I feel the 70’s are back because of the economic woes. Here is further proof of 2008’s 1970’s fascination.

Fresh, the hip cult classic cosmetic line, has launched their Firebird Mascara which is a basic volumizing mascara that some how manages to have something to do with the 1970’s. It comes in a shiny peacock blue packaging with golden bronze leaves or maybe it is feathers? designs. I do like the packaging. The name makes me laugh. I want to think it is more of the mythical firebird than the car but who knows. Maybe they are talking about the Gibson guitar.  Sephora’s website states,

“Fresh Firebird Mascara creates stunningly full, fluffy lashes for an alluring, feathery look. Its uniquely shaped brush and ultra-black formula delivers the gorgeous and lush feathered look of the 70s. In just one stroke of the wand, lashes are instantly curled. It’s truly magical!”

OK, whatever. I don’t remember lashes looking so sexy in the 70’s and if they were feathery it was because they were false lashes. Plus if mascara was so awesome in this mythical super hip 1970 land wouldn’t that formula be the best seller. If 1970’s mascara is so great then why is everybody buying new 2008 formulas of mascara all the time. And the only “feathery” look in the 70’s includes the haircuts of the dudes that raced Firebirds around town.

If only theyd make a mascara inspired by the sexiness of this car. But your lashes arent sexy. It isnt 1970 yet.

"If only they'd make a mascara inspired by the sexiness of this car." "But your lashes aren't sexy. It isn't 1970 yet."

Anyways, this stuff is enhanced with some kind of algae, vitamin B5, and seabuckthorn oil. Looks like I’ll have to wiki “seabuckthorn” oil. I have no idea why that is supposed to be so great. The mascara comes in a jet black and sells for $26.

So there is a mascara inspired by me now. Groovy.

So there is a mascara inspired by me now. Groovy.

diordandyDior has launched their fall collection known merely as “Dandy” and I am in love for many reasons. It’s part Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde and part bad ass bronzed eyed gangsta. It’s “Hey, we’re in a freak’n recession, now lets have fun and emulate everything 1930’s that the economically fragile 1970’s embraced!” Boy, did they love Bonnie and Clyde in the 70s.  Since last year I have felt like I have been living in the 70s because of the recession, well before then, but I got out of college long enough to realize it.  The Green trends are our economy’s way of feeling comfortable with living cheap and reusing things and taking pride in cooking and growing our own produce. Cosmetics manufactures have been playing up “natural” and “bare” looks again, those neutrals that Farrah Faucet sported. Wild Western inspired Bohemian looks keep showing up even though I thought it was out ages ago. Fashions have became very retro Bonnie Parker. Music is getting more folksier or disco-ier. I’m glad that everyone is trying to have fun being poor. I know that I am. Living cheap makes me feel good. Yeah, I still want Dior, I’ll get it if I want it, I’ll just cook a pot roast or something and eat it all week. But, I find myself wanting less and less material things…

Anyways, to the collection. Other than just being beautiful because it reminds me of all chaos induced by a thin, blonde female gangster, the products are actually nice. There’s a Cuir Leather Impression Eyeshadow based on the popular “croc” pattern of their leathers.  cuirdior There’s Copper Diamond DiorSkin Shimmer Star Pressed Powder, new formulas of 2-Colour eyeshadow featured in Bronzy Look and Silver Look, 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Iridescent Leather and Earth Tones, beautiful blush in Pink Copper, Rouge Dior Lipstick in Fiction Brown and Western Beige, Creme de Gloss in Creamy Burgundy and Delicious Plum, Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Lace Beige and Lurex Plum, Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner in Iridescent Khaki, and Rouge Contour Lip Liner in Mysterious Plum and Mythical Brown. Dior is saying, ” Dandy is more than a look; it’s a state of mind, inspired by the chic, independent spirit of the 1930s. Unexpectedly glamorous in contrasts of rich feminine plums, berries and the ‘masculine’ chic of warm, deep beige shades.” Well, that independence and state of mind is robbing banks and shooting people up and hiding out from the law with your possibly bisexual outlaw boyfriend just because being poor and down and out pisses you off. Still, it manages to be beautiful despite the materialistic angst associated with the ‘masculine’ chic just because Faye Dunaway was/is a babe and those fashions in Bonnie and Clyde were just too damn awesome and Warren Beatty was a hunk. I’m sold. Now I just have to find a bank to rob to afford this collection…