Korres  Shower Gel in Fig is OK. The scent is figgy but a bit too “fruity” for my fig tastes. It doesn’t have that woody, leafy, or milky aroma. It is very “juicy” and smells more or currants than figs. It does “calm down” into a more woodsy fig but it is very fruity at first. However, the formula is nice for a natural product. It foams but not too much. It cleans without drying out the skin. It rinses off very, very easily. The fragrance does linger on the skin longer than most shower gels. But, as you know most shower gels never linger on the skin. If you want fragrance, apply a fragrance. This is just money literally down the drain if you are wanting to “smell” all day long. This is just something that makes a boring every day task like showering a little less boring and more luxurious.  It retails for $13 for 8.45 ounces and is available on beauty.com and sephora.com .