I know that I am one of the few people on the planet that really loves this product. I also know that I am a fool for paying $22 for a lip balm so maybe that is one of the many reasons why people dislike this. I love this lip balm mainly for its smell. It smellsl like cheap wine, that’s it. That is why I dish out $22 for this stuff. I like the fermented fragrance. It has a nice cheap rosé odor. I like it, in a sick weird, maybe I am a wine-o or maybe a trashy lady of leisure way. One fo the main ingredients is wine. So,the taste of wine can be on my lips constantly. This stuff really repairs my abused and dry lips. I hate the cold! Burning, chapped lips are the worst. It exfoiliates and moisturizes them, leaving my lips as soft as they were when I was a baby. It doesn’t leave a sheen or a gloss, which is nice. It is really difficult to find a truly matte, shine free balm. I like that look sometimes, you know? This balm was created in 1828 and you know how I love antiquities and vintage crap.