It’s funny that I would spend more to smell cheaper. I really like a soapy fragrance sometimes. It is like an olfactive detox. Soapy fragrances are the little white t-shirt and perftly worn in blue jeans of fragrance. No fuss but still pretty sharp. Demeter Pure Soap is a light soapy fragrance. It is made to resemble Ivory soap. This is the lowbrow soap that many of us grew up with. So for many of us it is that gentle, clean fragrance. Really it is kind of abrassive and the soap itself smells like a Thai coconut soup. It smells like milky lemongrass in a way. Or it smells like a faded Murphay’s Oil soap. Demeter’s Pure Soap is gentler and smells like the skin after being cleansed by an Ivory bar soap. Thsi fragrance is very light and it doesn’t linger very long on the skin like most of Demeter’s fragrances. It is a great unisex scent and it makes a nice linen spray. It is available at Apothica.