I bought Papier Poudré Face Powder Sheets because I like the packaging. I love the belle regal lady on it and I like that it sells for $3. It isn’t the most amazing product that I have ever used but I do like it. You get what you pay for.

First off it is a bit weird because it is in a “book”. It reminds me of a matchbook or something because the cover is a thicker and like the cardboard of a matchbook. You get 65 sheets per book. Each sheet look like butcher paper with one side dusted with a powder (talc, if that bothers you). The powder is fresh and lightly herbaceous scented. I like the super light fragrance. You pretty much tear the paper out of the book and blot your face with butcher paper/construction paper. It works but so does rubbing your face with a tissue. This is just a bit more glam. I bought Rachel for light skins. I really do not see the powder at all on my skin and I don’t think it really matters. There is White for super pale skins and Rose for medium to dark skins. I still haven’t noticed the powder on my skin and it does not “disturb” my makeup. I blot and do not rub. I’ll probably repurchase being that I live in this humid rainy climate and it does feel nice to have all the grime and oil “sucked” off my face. You can purchase these from beautyhabit.com where they sell one book or a box of 12 books. It is also available at b-glowing.com.