Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Root Beer came in a free gift from Clinique. It is a super sheer pinky beige shade. It really provides no color on my lips. It just makes my lips appear a bit more glossy than normal. I am really not impressed with this product. It does nothing for my lips as far as appearance goes. It doesn’t have a fragrance. I am a fragrance whore, I want that in a product. I would love for this to smell like its namesake: root beer. Give me a reason to wear this Clinique! It feels OK on the lips, I’d rather wear a Nivea balm. It is the same formula as Clinique’s Superbalm but with this rumored color. It doesn’t contain a sunscreen but it has antioxidants and stuff. I just find this product a bit boring. I use it because I feel like I should. That is the problem with “gift time”. You get stuck with some things you’d never buy but feel like you should use. Oh, well. I just know that there are tons of other tinted lip balms on the market that I love, I’m talking to you Clarins.