So I made an Avon order because I felt like buying something and I didn’t want to spend lots of money. They were running some sale like always and I bought two fragrances for $12. I do wonder why I bought Make Me Wonder. I didn’t expect a lot from this fragrance. It is an EDT and it looks like it is a GAP fragrance. The bottle isn’t too bad and it feels “sturdy”. The purple and orange makes for a pretty and fun bottle. It is supposed to have notes of boysenberry, violet and rich vanilla bean. This sounded decent enough for $6. I don’t hate the fragrance but I don’t like it either. I’ll use it but I won’t be upset when it is gone. Since it is an eau de toilette the lasting power isn’t so great. It lasts for about 4 or 5 hours. After this time frame I can’t smell anything on my skin. It is something that must be reapplied if you want all day wear. The fragrance is very sweet. If you like sweet fragrances or Victoria’s Secret type fragrances, Escada limited editions, Givenchy Hot Couture, or Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy then you will love this. Especially the price. It is very sweet. I keep saying that because it is. It’s less fruity and more sweet. It has a note of candied/pie-ish berries. It isn’t fresh berries, so imagine a berry sugary reduction. The violet is smothered out by the sweetness of the berry and vanilla bean. It also has a “generic” musky type note that sticks to the skin the longest. This is sweet like candy but not like cake or baked goods. It has a very vanilla bean-ish odor. If you like vanilla then you will love this. I think I would of liked this more if there was a dirty patchouli note or a warm amber note to mature it up a bit. I haven’t layered it over patchouli or amber oil yet. Like I have said before I am not a huge fan of sweet fragrances but I can tolerate them. My husband thinks this is gross but I don’t think it is gross. I just don’t think it is special, but I must add that I have seen way more boring super expensive stuff.  I just think it smells “young” and isn’t something I would of bought it I smelled it before buying. It would wear better in cooler weather because of its sweet notes. It retails for $15 normally without a sale and it is 1.7 ounces. You get what you pay for.