Michael Kors fragrance is a nice girly white floral that screams: LADY! I really like it but it is one of the few fragrances out there that makes my throat hurt. I want to wear it and love it but I can’t.  However, I can wear the leg shine because the fragrance isn’t as strong as the EDP spray.

The fragrance of this is still the beautiful white floral mix of freesia, tuberose, peony, and lilies with a touch of musk and resin like accords. It lingers but doesn’t take over.

The package is the perfect use for a deodorant style container. It swivels and is easy to use. You just glide it over the legs and you’re done. This stuff has been around for a while and is now offered in numerous shades. The one that I have used has been the Classic which is a bronze sheen with a tad bit of gold. It is moisturizing and smooths legs with a little bit of shimmer. It gives a hose sheen without the hose. It wore pretty much all day except on really hot ones. It isn’t completely transfer resistant and greases up some things like a thick body cream with shimmer would. It was nice and I just thought of it as a special balm for my legs. It isn’t a miracle worker and you’re paying for the fragrance. If you want color that stays try that Sally Hansen spray on stuff. The other shades are Bronze which adds a bronzer glow, Shimmer which is a light tan with shimmer and Golden which is pretty much the classic with some extra gold flakes. It retails for $32 and a little goes a long way.