Project Runway is my secret obsession. I love it. I get so happy when a new episode comes on and I clap my hands when I see someone like Tim Gunn or Chris March. I drink wine and eat white chocolate which is fun because I am always on a diet. I used to have peeps in Nashville and we would watch the show and talk about it and bitch about it, etc. Since the move I realize that I know nobody and do not know anybody that has viewing parties, etc. Not even the gay clubs. It is really sad.

Anyways for Season 5, I am starting to really like some people which I thought would be impossible. I thought they were all very shallow and lazy. My favorite person is Jerell. I like his style and his personal style is unbelievable and I wish he would just send those fashions down the runway. He has l’air of a 70’s African dictator on bedazzled steroids and I love it. I like Leanne’s fashions but do not like her so much. She’s kind of boring and talks like she needs Valium. Terri is a bad ass and I mean this in the best, she designs for blaxplotation movies. I can see Pam Grier rocking this stuff. Terri is a bad ass. The people I really don’t like which is a surprise are the following: Kenley and I don’t really know why. She and I dress the same and she is cute and makes structured pieces, I just gasp at her color selections and print selections. They are so nasty and tasteless. It was a great thing that Keith didn’t use that fabric she chose for Brooke Shields dress because they would of lost. Daniel whines all the time and I thought I’d like him but his fashions are dry and he pops his collar making him a douche. Suede’s personality rubs me wrong but his designs are okay. I used to really dislike Blayne but he makes me laugh and I do get sick of his playing stupid routines. Stella makes me laugh to because she is so serious and I love that she hammers everything. I want to rip that little stub of hair out of the Keith’s neck. Joe is a normal guy and I like that.

Anyways, I am mad that Kelli got sent home, should of been Daniel. I’m sure Kelli will do well. I’ll go to her shop when I’m back in Ohio. The Brooke Shields challenge was alright, we got to see how people work together. Jerell and Stella work so well together. And Brooke Shields needs to age damnit.

I’m so stoked about next weeks featuring the apple of my eye: Chris March. And lots and lots of drag queens! My fantasy in life is to design for drag: queen or king. Lots of drama and zest. There will be so much attitude in the room. Can’t wait to see.

Anyways, I know this is a rant that makes no sense but I have to get it out to someone. For some reason I think my views on Project Runway matter. But, don’t worry, I’ll go back to talking about cosmetics.

The team that should of won.

The team that should of won.