As I have said before I am a huge fan of Demeter. Where else can you get an interesting product for $5 for half an ounce of juice and a free gift with a $25 purchase. (Oh, the humongous minis are now $6. Rats.) I know the lasting quality of these fragrances aren’t so hot and have a short life span on the skin. So what!  First they are a cologne, second they are cheap and third they are fun. I have like 60 of these things.

Eau de Washington Water

Today I am going to review Salt Air. When I “took notes” on this fragrance, I was still living in Tennessee and not on the actual ocean water of the West coast. Actual salt air was a vague memory of Florida vacations and not an everyday part of my life. Now I smell the salt air when the windows are open. Here the salt air is dirty, gritty and sometimes abrasive. This is not like my vacation memories of lying in a bikini on super hot day, covered in coconut sunblock, lying on a Downy drenched beach town heated by the scorching sand grains. Anyways, Demeter Salt Air is very “aquatic” and “marine” like on first spritz. It is sheer and transparent and is like a ghost of a salty wind. It’s pure “salt”, not dirty ferry water salt. It’s virgin and clean salt air without the dirtiness of motor oil and animals. Demeter Salt Air is one of the freshest scents that I have ever smelled. It doesn’t remind me of beach vacations because it doesn’t smell like suntan lotion and it doesn’t smell like where I live because the scent is too clean. The salt air where I live is polluted with a “fishy industrial” smell. Demeter Salt Air is a lovely interpretation of clean, pure, salt air. It is crisp but warm. This is a great fragrance layered to add aquatic notes to some juices. My husband layers his with Bvlgari Aqva to make it smell a little more “fresh”. I layer it with Tahitian gardenia or coconut single note fragrances to get a tropical fragrance similar to Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. I typically hate “aquatic” fragrances but this is not Irish Springy or anything like a teenage boy’s cologne. This is fresh.