Ohh I love these babies! They’re WHAM in your face chock full of pigment, you have to love it eye shadows. I know I am a little late reviewing these but I finally got out to see them in person. They provide a shimmery full-coverage look that is so easy to blend. First, they’re bigger than the normal MAC eye shadow. The compact is larger and the shadows are domed. There are two shades. One is solid and the other is a mixture of three shades. The three shades just mix up and make one shade. Personally, I wish there wasn’t a marbled side and two solids. Sometimes marbled can look mucky or chalky. Plus it just makes the compact look messy. But, it isn’t too big of a deal with these high quality duos. The texture of these bad boys will rock your world. I can’t explain why I love it so much, I just do. They’re soft and blendable but stay true to color. The cobalt blue in Sea and Sky is a true royal blue that will not turn green on my olive skin. I love the luxe color combination of Odd Couple which is a shimmery champagne marble and a Prince perfect purple. Fresh Green Mix is lovely and is a shimmery lime green duo that looks molten. Hot Contrast provides the richest, deepest black that is the ultimate in void. Polar Opposite has a silvery white that makes the best brow highlighter. The popular colors, the better sellers (or at least at this neck of the woods) are Love Connection, a lovely duo of shimmery gold and pink that is heavenly, Two to Glow a rich bronze and gold shimmer, Pink Split which is a shimmery pink and pinky plum, and finally Play on Plums which is a shimmery pink and rusty plum bronze. I understand why these shades are such great sellers; they’re something you’ll reach for everyday because they are so wearable. I like to compare the finish of these to loose pigment. Except there is no flaking and it is so much easier to use. Unfortunately these are limited edition for some reason. I would of bought like five yesterday but the bitches at these tiny town Macy’s ignored me and pissed me off. The bitch just sat in those director chairs and stared at me by the reflection of the mirror. Thy have no idea what commission they lost is all I have to say. Hell, I had on a full face of makeup and killer clothes. Never ignore a chick in red lipstick or you’ll have hell to pay. Yep, just sat there and didn’t say anything. Mimes say more than this bitch. Don’t you hate when people are that way? I worked their job before and never provided service with as much bitchitude as theirs. Yep, still bitter about that horrible customer service. So I’m ordering from the web. Or from the store in Nashville. I miss ya’ll.

Oh yeah, these retail for $17.50.