I’ve been meaning to comment on this for a while. When I first exposed to Lancome’s 2008 Fall Color Story I was so excited. It was so warm and was a great transition of summer into fall. The colors are rich and shimmery and the Poudre Elephant Teint Bronzer is so freak’n cute. I am very happy to see a woman of color as the model and that the actual color story relaunches and displays rich level IV and V skin products in Sable and Seude. So at first impression I was happy and wanted it all. I let a week or two set in and then when I looked at the story again, it seemed boring and like the same ole crap. At the time of looking back, I was sick of golds. I remembered that I am pale and I want to wear sickly dark berry lipstick for fall and I want pewter.  Now, while writing this and looking back I like the collection again and feel it is very mainstream which isn’t so bad. Remember last years gothic inspired one with the toadstool and double liners and witchcrafty compact. I loved that one!

FACE: It features the new Poudre Elephant Teint Bronzer Powder Sun of India in Sunny Manorama. And yes that is its full name. It’s very cute and super shimmery. The India theme is a bit of a rip off of Guerlain’s summer bronzers of this year. But, these look nothing like each other. Frankly, this is too pretty to use and will look nasty after a while because everything is so topical. This is why I have not purchased this.There is a Blush Subtil in Bombay Glow which is a nude shimmer and Shimmer Violet Sunrise which is a shimmery cool violet pink. They’ve introduced Le Base Pro which is an overpriced oil free makeup primer. It’s $42. It’s nice but there are better ones on the market for a better price. Plus, shouldn’t a good foundation not need a primer?

EYES: There’s two new eyeshadow quads in Lotus Splendor which features the warm shimmery golds, berry, white highlighter and smoky black. There’s the cool Secrets of Benghal which is berry inspired. Both are in a shiny gold compact that will surely flake and look gross after awhile in the makeup bag.There are Le Crayon Khol Kajal in Amber Night- a rich shimmery amber, India Ink- a deep blue-ish black, and Smoky Henna – a smoky forest green. These are very nice in my opinion and should be permanent.

LIPS: There are the Colour Fever Lipsticks in Jaipur Spice – a creamy gold, Brickhouse – a rich pure brick red, and Star of India – a mucky wearable berry.  The Juicy Tubes Maharani Jewels are pretty but the new packaging resembles that of Global Goddess which is now sold at Victoria’s Secret. And I hate Victoria’s Secret. There’s Autumn Jasmine – a sweet rose, Bengali Gaze- a beautiful burgundy that is more my speed, Guava Enchantment – a delicious coral, Ginger Palace – the mandatory nude, and Mango Mystere – a rich warm red. They’ve relaunched Le Lipstique in Bronzelle, the best shade in the universe, and launched Star of India which is a little more reddish than the lipstick.

NAILS: They’ve introduced two new Vernis Magnetic which I am sure that each counter only got like two of each shade. There’s Cinnamon Plum – a perfect brown-ish red plum for fall and Saffron Rose – a sweet rose.

Overall, I approve. It’s kind of Jungle Booky and I try to ignore that. I’m just happy it isn’t Euro-centric like everything else in the media is.