How refreshing, a pale, radiant look for summer by the people that made the terracotta tan a must have. I’ve been meaning to comment on this, but I’ve been really busy packing up like a 100 bottles of perfume. Let me make this clear I am a true sucker for Guerlain’s little pearls of perfection. I use my Météorites daily, all over, as highlighters, eyeshadow, blush, whatever. So…I was excited about this new collection. I was shocked to see the company stray from their bronzed metals to silky pearls. Guerlain Pearls It’s fresh, it’s aquatic. It’s stay out of the sun, it causes age spots, cancer and wrinkles and you’ll just burn and look freckley anyways. Hence, I love it. Guerlain is the only company that can persuade me into wanting a tan (as the picture that follows) Guerlain Terracotta, so I’m happy that they have made pearly pale cool for summer so that I won’t try to tan, even though, the Indian Bronze Pearly Sun Powder ’08 is to die for… Anyways, I love the primer; it’s “divine alchemy”, no joke. The Météorites Pressed Powders are beautiful and so smooth. The glosses are nice, but I don’t think that I would buy them because they’re pretty normal. This summer look is a keeper for me: it’s simple, fresh, radiant, glamorous and beachy without the sunburn. Gotta get my hands on this primer…Guerlain Summer Primer